Friday 30 December 2016

Bullet Journal

So, one of the latest trends in journaling is Bullet Journaling. It's a quick, simple way of keeping yourself organised, keeping lists together, etc.  I received a lovely new notebook for Christmas from my mum that I decided to use for this purpose. I like how bullet journals can be as creative (or not) as you want them to be. Today I started creating mine after looking at examples on pinterest and reading this article on Buzzfeed What is a Bullet Journal?

My pinterest board that I intend to keep adding to is found here: My Journaling Pinterest Board

I intend to use it as a to-do-list for daily chores where I can check off completed tasks and migrate tasks that don't get completed. But I also want to use it to record books that I have read (hoping it will encourage me to read more - a goal for this year!) with ratings on the books. I envisage adding doodles and creativity to this journal to make it attractive to look at and therefore use. Other pages I intend to have include gratitude pages, notable quotes, and other trackers that I find I need.  That's the beauty of a journal of this type - it is totally flexible and can be altered and added to as I go along. Whatever doesn't work can be dropped and anything new that is needed can be added.  I'm excited to have a go and see what develops throughout 2017!

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