Thursday, 29 October 2009

Christmas Sale

On November 20th, me and my MIL and SIL are having a crafty Christmas sale. This is our second annual sale. We get together once a week and craft various items (and also work on them at home) to sell. This year we are also starting a blog. After the sale, any remaining items will be put on the blog for sale. We are really excited about starting this new venture. We know that not all our family/friends/potential customers will be able to attend on the 20th, so having a blog will enable us to reach more people. I'll add a link to the blog nearer the time, when we've put items on it!! lol.

This year we decided to craft some different items from last year. I believe the star of the show will be the aprons we have made (adult and childrens). We have made some adults and girls from Cath Kidston fabric but at amazing prices!!

I've been busy making crochet flower brooches. At the moment I'm busy with the actual crocheting. Finishing them off will come later. I love making them and hope that people will like them and want to buy them, :) But they aren't limited to just being brooches. They can also be pinned to bags, hats, hairbands, and whatever else you can think of. Here is a sneak peak of a few of them in their natural state (unfinished!). What do you think?? I've also done a few different styles but, if I'm honest, this style is my current favourite.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I'm a little worried about my 6 yr old son right now. He seems to be suffering from a lack of confidence at school. He has just started Year 2 and seems to have gone backwards. He is left handed and has always struggled with his handwriting. He is great at reading and also very good at spelling. Today he had 3 sentences to write, each of which contained a spelling word. Well he got all upset and started crying saying he couldn't do it. I know that he can. After quite a bit of coaxing, I managed to get him to spell out the words for me and then write them. He COULD do it, but he didn't acknowledge that he could. I asked him if he got upset and cried at school and he said yes. He said that he can't write sentences and when they were asked to he got all upset and cried (I didn't know this before now). I know that he's a perfectionist and gets upset when he gets something wrong, but now he's getting upset BEFORE even having a go! He's got it in his head that he can't do it when he can. I just don't know what to do!! It's awful watching him get so sad and discouraged, especially when I know that he is a very bright and clever boy. {sigh} - the struggles of being a parent! Oh, and does anyone else thing 'juice' is a difficult word for a 6 yr old to know how to spell?

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Old Friends

This past week I have been touched by the generosity of an old cherished friend (not that she's OLD but we've not seen each for quite some time, lol).

Imagine my delight when I returned home one day to find a package waiting for me!! All the way from Texas!! I went to school with Anne Marie when we lived in Norway (oil business fathers!). She's one of those kind, sweet girls that your parents are so pleased you are friends with :) It's funny how you can be friends with someone for a short period of time (just a year in our case) but feel a bond and connection. And even 17 years later (gosh it is that long??) I believe that we could pick up our friendship from where we left off. I sooooooo hope that in the next few years I can visit her. That would just be amazing :)

She sent me loads of Big Red Gum which I LOVE. She also sent a fantastic craft magazine that has LOADS of great projects for me to try. AND she also sent me lots and lots of little baggies filled with punchies. Me and the boys can do so much with those! AND she sent me the most delicious smelling lavender sachet she'd made (can't believe she'd not made them before!) with local lavender. I just LOVE LOVE the smell of lavender so this went directly into my bedroom. Mmmmmmm. Aren't I a lucky, lucky girl!! What a special friend Ann Marie is!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Not ready for this at all.........

This morning when I went to the door it was so cold outside. There was frost on the car windows and I could see my breath. I'm so not ready for this weather. Bring back the sun!!