Thursday, 30 October 2008


Here is a picture of the bargains I got at Asda. You can't tell from the picture that the boxes of laundry detergent are the large size because they are partially covered and the boxes of cereal are massive too!  I paid £5.90 and full price should have been £37.64.  It actually doesn't look a lot. But most of them are normally pricey (who would paid £2.93 for 4 bottles of lucozade?? 40p is what I paid!). The tins of tuna were 20p each. When you are a SAHM, getting bargains like this can be the highlight of your day :)

These are some of the items I've been making with MIL and SIL.  The top picture shows what they look like inside. The others show the two varieties we made.  We LOVE the chick, but the heart took less time to make.  We made 20 in total but I'm thinking maybe we should make more.  Me and Cait just love them and got giddy when we were taking pics :)  We are going to price them at £2.50 unless anyone else thinks otherwise - let me know :)

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Catching Up

Wow, it's been a while :)

Firstly - this morning I was reflecting on how grateful I am for my own health and for the health of my children and hubby.  I have a few friends and family members who are currently struggling with physical and emotional health and it made me realise how blessed I am.  I need to recognise this and not take it for granted.  Yes, I can be deep and meaningful sometimes!! lol.

Secondly - is half-term break over yet?? The kids have been either getting on wonderfully or totally at each others throats! No half measures, lol.  Actually I can't really complain.

Thirdly - yesterday I went to my MIL's and had a day of crafting with my MIL and my SIL. We got lots accomplished and must say that the things we made are so darn cute :)  I took pictures so will upload them on here soon.  We are making things for our Christmas Shopping Party we are having in November.  I'd buy the items we made, so I hope others will too :)

Fourthly - I went to Asda today for a few bits and bobs and got some amazing bargains (yes, I can hear you groaning!). I got a ton of stuff of the shelves that house the items that have bashed boxes or dented tins.  The food is still good inside, just the box doesn't look too pretty.  So I got massive boxes of laundry detergent for £1.00 each, huge tins of tuna for 20p, etc, etc.  All in all I got £37.64 worth of items for £5.90 (yes, I'm a nerd and work these things out!! lol) just because of bashed boxes!  I took a picture (because once again I'm a nerd!) and will upload it soon.

Fifthly - we are having a 'trunk or treat' night halloween activity for the kids at church tomorrow.  We are so excited!!  I think the leaders are more excited than the kids!!  I'm just thinking that we need to spend most of the time inside rather than out since it's turned so freaking cold, bbrrrrrrr..................

That's all folks :)

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Jumble Sale

When I was young, I remember going to jumble sales and remember them as common occurances.  Now it seems they are very few and far between. It seems that car boot sales and ebay have taken their place.  There is an old people's sheltered housing complex in our town that still holds jumble sales.  My friend Lisa has been to a few and we both share a love of the thrill of the thrift, lol.  So last time this housing complex had a sale, Lisa met me there.  We scored big time with clothes for the kids. I got loads of jeans, tshirts, sweatshirts for both boys. Mostly really good brand names.  All the clothes were 20p an item except jeans which were 30p!  Can you believe how cheap they were!! 

So today there was another sale.  I met Lisa there again.  I was disappointed in the selection of kids clothes this time.  Hardly any boys clothes so I came away with nothing for Nat and Zac.  I got a hooded sweatshirt for David that zips up the front 20p. And a nice dark purple casual top for myself 20p.  There was a gorgeous pair of brown boots (hardly worn) which were only a size 5 (I'm a 6) but for 20p I couldn't let them go! So I bought them and gave them to my sister, Claire, who was thrilled with them! And I got a top for my mum (it was still new!) for 20p. It was just too 'old womany' for me, lol!

This time I looked at the stall selling bedding/curtains etc.  I got a few bits and pieces.  I'd been looking for some fabric to put on the back of the quilt I'm making for my younger sister if her baby is a girl (she's not finding out until the birth!).  At the sale I found 2 single bed sheets and 2 pillowcases.  They don't even look used at all.  They are lovely white cotton with a pink flower pattern.  I took a picture of them with the quilt pieces that I've prepared so far.  Do you think that they go nicely? Would you put this fabric on the back?

I also bought some table runners and cushion covers etc. Most of them have been hand embroidered.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.  Maybe use some of them in swaps I take part in!  They were all 20p each and again too pretty to leave there!!  Am I turning into an old woman before my time???
table runner - the picture cuts off the top of it which has the same flower as the bottom but in slightly different colours:
There are 2 of these cushion covers. One has a small black mark on. Will have to see if it comes out in the wash.
2 single sheets and 2 pillow cases.
closeup of pattern.
sheet beside my quilt top.
cushion cover

a small cover/cloth


What's that you say?

Am I baking?

Why yes, I am!

Oh thankyou {blushes}, it does smell divine doesn't it!

Oh course you can try it once it's cooked!

Oh, you are too kind - is it really the best Pumpkin Pie you've ever tasted?! You do flatter me {blushes again}

(wouldn't it be nice if I really DID have this type of conversation and compliment when baking, lol)

Friday, 10 October 2008


I've been tagged by my friend Susan for this popular meme (I think her blog may be private). 

Here are the rules:

1.Link to the person who tagged you
2.Mention the rules on your blog
3.Tell 6 unspectacular quirks about you
4.Tag 6 following bloggers by linking to them
5.Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

So here are my unspectacular quirks:

1. I can't stand people putting their bare feet on my bed (DH is allowed, lol). When I was at BYU it would drive me crazy when my roommates would go sit on my bed, on my covers, with bare feet, eugh.  They loved my toasty warm down comforter and I'd find them snuggled up on it!

2.  When I'm sleeping I used one pillow if I'm laying on my back or two pillows when I'm on my side, so I'm forever faffing around with my pillows in the night!

3. I can't talk and do something else at the same time! I was at my MIL's and we were setting up for a shopping night we were hosting. Everytime I started talking I stopped whatever I was doing as I had to use my hands for talking! My MIL kept telling me to keep working :)

4. I'm not a pushy parent but I get frustrated when my kids don't do their best in their school work and secretly love it when they are the top of the class.

5. I have to have the TV on during the day when I'm at home, even if I'm not watching it, as I like to have background noise.

6. I can't go into any town without checking out all the thrift stores (and get giddy about going!)

That was quite hard!  I think I'm quite normal/average !?!?! 

I am going to tag Jen, Lea, Christine, Claire, Renee' and Debbie


Been having fun with my sisters this week.  My twin sister, Claire, has been down since last weekend and goes back on Sunday.  And my sister, Helen, was here from Tuesday til Wednesday.  She is 27 weeks pregnant and looks so cute :)  My dad has also had the week off work.  On Wednesday I met my mum, dad, Claire and Helen in town.  We had lunch together and had a walk around the shops.  It's certainly been a long time since all 5 of us did that!! Must be oh, about nearly 20 years :)  Been working on a few creative projects and hope to have them done by the end of next week so I can then show you all :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pictures of Ikea Bargains

Here are pictures of my ikea bargains from yesterday. They were all 50p each.

First we have 2 cushion covers for large floor type cushions. The left one is a lovely chennile style while the right one has a nice jaquard effect pattern.

Another two large cushion covers. I'm plannning on using these on the bed. The left one has pretty embroidery on it and has nice ruffles round the edge. The right one is difficult to see on here but is also a large square white cotton one with two rows of grey ribbon down the front.
These are two pillowcases with black patterns. The left one is a lot larger than the right one.
On the left we have a single curtain panel. Not sure how I'm going to use it yet. On the right we have 2 cotton chair slip covers. Again, not sure how I'm going to use them yet. Possibly make them into cushion covers. Any other ideas??
And here we have 2 large pieces of fabric with red/orange design print and a piece of fabric with a black design finish. These are nice cotton fabrics and will go into my fabric stash until I come up with a project that requires such fabrics!!
These are heavy cotton fabrics that are currently loose covers for sofas that are being cut into pieces for other projects I have in mind. One in particular I'm going to work on later in the week. I'll fill you in on the details when I've done it - if it works :)
Again, the left piece of dark denim style fabric is a loose chair cover that I'm going to use with the above fabrics. The right piece is a single duvet cover. It's a lovely light silky feel fabric. Very cooling.
I have 3 of these curtains panels (so 1.5 pairs!) One pair will probably go into our bedroom for the winter as the curtains we have there now (also white) are a light floaty fabric and I wanted something warmer for winter (these are thicker and heavier so hopefully warmer!).  They are really, really, long so will probably be cut to half the length which will give me more fabric for other projects!
A really nice table cloth.  I may use this as a throw to drape over the toy box in the living room. What do you think?
Another curtain panel.  I love the ruffled look of it.  I was thinking of maybe hanging it behind the front door to stop drafts, but I'm not sure whether it is practical to have such a light coloured fabric there. Any thoughts? The worst that can happen though is that is gets dirty and I have to wash it. For 50p it might be worth trying?
I hope you enjoyed this little tours around my ikea bargains :) My DH thinks I'm nuts photographing them to put on here!! LOL!