Friday, 30 December 2016

Bullet Journal

So, one of the latest trends in journaling is Bullet Journaling. It's a quick, simple way of keeping yourself organised, keeping lists together, etc.  I received a lovely new notebook for Christmas from my mum that I decided to use for this purpose. I like how bullet journals can be as creative (or not) as you want them to be. Today I started creating mine after looking at examples on pinterest and reading this article on Buzzfeed What is a Bullet Journal?

My pinterest board that I intend to keep adding to is found here: My Journaling Pinterest Board

I intend to use it as a to-do-list for daily chores where I can check off completed tasks and migrate tasks that don't get completed. But I also want to use it to record books that I have read (hoping it will encourage me to read more - a goal for this year!) with ratings on the books. I envisage adding doodles and creativity to this journal to make it attractive to look at and therefore use. Other pages I intend to have include gratitude pages, notable quotes, and other trackers that I find I need.  That's the beauty of a journal of this type - it is totally flexible and can be altered and added to as I go along. Whatever doesn't work can be dropped and anything new that is needed can be added.  I'm excited to have a go and see what develops throughout 2017!

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Reviving the blog...

It's been on my mind for a while now to revive the old blog. I feel the need and desire to begin journaling again and decided to go back to this blog. I'm writing this blog for my own purpose to document and record my own thoughts and feelings as well as my activity and events. I've created another blog specifically for teaching to keep that separate from my own personal blog. Once that's up and running I'll put the link on here.

It's December 30th, 2016 so almost 5 years since I last posted. To say that a lot has happened since my last post is a great understatement! In a nutshell - I was accepted onto the GTP to train as a primary school teacher here in England. I successfully completed that 1 year course and then completed my NQT year with a year 4 class in a school that almost broke me! I let there at the end of that year and have been at my current school every since, teaching year 2. 

My boys are now teenagers and apart from being typical teenagers (!) are good kids. One of them is in his second year of GCSEs and hoping to go on to A levels next year. He excels in maths, science, and computing and wants to study those at college then university. If he ever gets his head down and studies! My younger son will be choosing his options for GCSEs this year and also is strong in maths but is more of an all rounder.

As a result of me being a full-time teacher, my husband now works part-time and does all the household chores. A reversal of roles. He works lunchtime duty at my school (where all the kids love him!) and does odd bits of other cover there.

So that's where we are at the moment in the Brown house!