Sunday, 18 July 2010

As time goes by..............

On Friday we celebrated Nathaniel's 9th Birthday. Nine!!!! Can you believe it?? I certainly can't! He is growing up so fast. And my baby, Zac, is now 7. How I love those boys!! They are so different personality and looks wise.

Nathaniel likes playing with the bigger kids. He's a smart kid too. Loves Math, Science, History. Doesn't particularly like reading, literacy etc. Much more a facts kinda kid. And he know what he's good at, lol. He loves his sports - loves a game of footie and is quite good! He's going into year 5 at school in September. Just 2 more years until he goes to the high school. Gulp!

Zachary is my little cool dude. So loud and confident, whereas Nathaniel can be more of a thinker. He too is brilliant at Maths but he's also a fantastic reader. He loves reading and is flying through the books at school. He's a muscular, tough kid. He plays with kids his age or younger at school. He's very sensitive and has a strong sense of justice. He hates it when people get in trouble for things they didn't do at school and can get emotional about it. He still loves hugs and kisses from his mama!

Both kids are social and popular and are never short of friends. They are generally good kids but do have their moments (usually with each other!!). I do worry about them being sheltered. They aren't very 'street-wise' but I just want to protect them! I like them being at home or with family/close friends. They LOVE spending time with their Nana and Grandad and their other grandparents. They LOVE their aunts, uncles and cousins and are so blessed to have many of them close by.

I know my kids aren't perfect - but they are perfect FOR ME!

For Nathaniel's birthday, we went to Flaming Dragon - an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. He took a friend with him and we had a lovely time. On the way home I dropped Zac and Nat off at my parents where they were having a sleepover. My boys (along with my nephew, Eli) are the apple of my parents' eyes. They dote on those boys and love them as much as I do. They would do ANYTHING for them and they know it :) They wrap my parents round their little fingers, lol. David and I had a quiet night in, watching DVDs and enjoying the quiet!

On Saturday morning we went to a local car boot sale. It was only a small one but I still managed to get a few fun things. I got a small tan leather bag for 50p, a larger Italian leather bag/purse for £3, a Bop It game for £2. Some clothes for Eli (mostly 20p an item, some 50p), a cute cotton tote bag for me made of an retro owl print fabric for 20p, a wooden airplane toy for Ethan for 50p, a few necklaces for 30 to 50p each. That's all I can remember for now! I'm looking forward to the really big car boot sale I go to on August Bank Holiday Monday.

Just 7 more school days to go until the summer hols. It's a long time coming! The summer weather has gone for now but I hope it comes back soon!! I'm actually looking forward to the break so I can get some jobs done around the house before I start my new jobs at school in September. I'll be working 30 hours so won't have much time for house projects!!

Here's wishing everyone a happy week :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Grinning like a Cheshire cat

A couple of days ago, the headteacher at my school told all teaching assistants what jobs we'd be doing from September. And I've been grinning like a Cheshire cat since :) At the moment I'm working 12 hours a week with a girl with a statement of needs for speech/language. I also supervise an autistic boy during the lunch hour. Well from September I will be working with the same girl on an afternoon and on a morning will now be a TA for a Y2 teacher (who I LOVE!!) covering the whole class. So working a total of 25 hours (not including lunchtime). The headteacher has decided to give me the extra hours and in a younger class on a morning to help me get more experience that will help me get on the GTP for next year. I'm so happy!! I feel really blessed that they are doing all they can to help me. Then hopefully if I get on the GTP next year, I will go back into the class I'm in this year. I need to make the most of these opportunities and use them to their fullest to get me on the GTP and then obtain QTS. I'm finally starting to feel positive and that I WILL get there!! And it's so great to have the support of my school.