Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Ikea Bargains

Yesterday I went to Ikea with my mum.  She needed a picture frame and I needed some light bulbs. So how come we came out with a trolley full of goodies, lol!!  We went into the bargain corner and they had a sign over about 4 crates full of textiles announcing that all loose fabric and textiles were 50p each, so we got stuck in digging through them (or rather I did while mum watch the trolley!).  We got some great bits and pieces - some of which will be used for what they were originally intended and some will be repurposed. Mum got some great black and white chair slipcovers.  I got some cushion covers, pieces of fabric, and a few pieces that are covers for sofas which i will use for something else.  The original price of one of the pieces was £80.00!!

When I got home I wished I'd looked for some fabric that I could have used as a curtain behind the front door (to keep drafts out!).  So while we were out and about today, David and I called back into Ikea.  I went back into the bargain corner and the 50p signs were still up and I found more items that weren't there yesterday. Including some curtains!!  I spent £8.50 on 50p items so that just shows how many items i got!!  I also spent £2 total on 6 little ceramic pots that are white on the outside and bright colour inside. They will be so fun for when we are entertaining.

I'll have to take pics and post them later. I was very pleased with my haul of textiles. Now I have to find a place to store them :)

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Where's September disappearing to?

How can it be September 13th already?? I last posted on the 1st and was going to post everyday. I had a couple of days where I didn't go on the internet at all (I know?? totally unheard of!). And before I knew it we were nearly half way through the month!!

The boys are now back at school and are enjoying themselves. Well as much as you can enjoy school :) Nathaniel is in a mixed year 3/4 class and is one of the youngest year 3's. So some of the kids are nearly 2 years older than him, but he's doing fine there. He's only just brought some homework and reading books home this week. His teacher is a new teacher, both to the school and to teaching. He's on a year's contract filling in while another teacher is on a secondment someplace else.

Zach is in year 1 and settled in well. The first week back at school they were only there Wed to Fri and I went in all 3 mornings to help his teacher. This is the third year I've been helping her. She's a good friend as well as teacher now. I first went into her class to help when Nat as in her class. Zach seems really young - younger than I remember Nat being when he was in year 1. But I guess that's because he's my baby!! I was concerned whether Zach was behind the other kids as he struggles with his handwriting and with writing his name. But I'm not concerned now I've been in and helped out with the class. His strengths seem to be in number work (just like Nat) but I'm also impressed with his reading. His last teacher gave me the impression that he was rubbish at it, but in fact he seems to be one of the best in his class. This past week I went in 3 mornings too. I just love being in there and miss the class when I stay home. It has really confirmed to me that I want to get back into teaching at some point.

I've had a really good weekend so far. The boys went out with my parents for most of today and David was at home for once on a Saturday. We went into our small town at lunchtime, enjoying the dry warm weather. I got a few bargains (surprise, surprise!) including some books for the boys at the charity shop (I also got myself a skirt that was brand new with its £25 price tag for the princely sum of £4.00 - love it!). Then this afternoon I watched some track and field on TV and just generally had a relaxing afternoon. When the kids came home I read some of the books with Zach.

I'm really trying hard to make the most of my time with the boys. I'm trying so hard not to say 'no' to their requests because that's the easiest option. I want to be less selfish and do the things they want, even if it's not convenient etc for me. I'm trying harder to put them first. To live in the moment with them. I want them to know that they (along with David) are the most important things in my life and the best way is by showing them. I've been thinking a lot of Stephanie Nielson (Nie Nie Dialogues blog) and her sister (cjanerun blog) and how Stephanie was such a good example of being a great mother, prior to her accident. Reading her blog and her sister's blog has helped me to re-evaluate my efforts as a mother. In years to come I want my memories to be full of times spent with my boys, rather than putting them off to do housework or things I want to do. I'm reminded of a quote that our Stake President gave a few years ago - he said that to be in your children's memories tomorrow you need to be in their lives today. So when my kids want to play with their playdoh or moonsand, instead of sighing and saying 'no' because I don't want to deal with the mess I'm going to get right in there with them and make my own mess :) I've made a concerted effort this week and hope to continue and improve and get even better!! Because they deserve it!!

Monday, 1 September 2008

End of Auction!

Well done Ninny :)

You are the winner of the auction in aid of Stephanie and Christian Nielsen. If you email me your address and paypal receipt to their recovery fund, I will get the sweets and chocolate packaged up and sent to you. My email address is joannebrown@mindless.com. Thank you to everyone else who participated in this auction. I can't wait to see the totals that have been raised through these auctions. It's amazing what us 'sistas' can achieve :)