Sunday, 22 March 2009

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And some more graphics from that I LOVE :)

Cool Graphics Site

I was googling around on the internet today and came across a cool graphics site.  You really must have a look. They have some awesome graphics on there that you can use freely, as long as you abide by the terms and conditions. I haven't looked at them all yet, but I LOVE the ones above. Might add some more later, lol.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Family Dinner

Today was our regular family dinner at my in-laws. We all meet together every two weeks to have dinner and spend the afternoon together.  My DH is one of 5 children. His older sister, Stella,  is married with an 8 year old son. His brother (one child down) is also married with a cute cute baby boy. So when we get together, my boys have fun with their cousins.

Anyway, today as we were visiting, my SIL Stella leapt up shouting 'NAKED MAN ON A SCOOTER' as she was looking out of the window.  She ran to the front door whilst shreaking in laughter so, as any other woman would, we went to follow.  And outside we saw the most hilarious sight EVER.  On the other side of the street was a man clothed only in a pair of boxer shorts tootling along on a kids scooter, with a police car (lights flashing) crawling along at the side of him!!!!!!!! What??? We watched as the scene continued up the street.  A few young men who had been playing football on the nearby field we also agog at such a sight.  Not exactly what you expect to see on a cold Sunday afternoon.  But it certainly did cheer us up, lol.  I wish I knew what the story was, why a grown man would think this an appropriate thing to do?? But since I'll never know I'll just have to use my own imagination, lol.  If only I had a camera..........