Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Ikea Bargains

Yesterday I went to Ikea with my mum.  She needed a picture frame and I needed some light bulbs. So how come we came out with a trolley full of goodies, lol!!  We went into the bargain corner and they had a sign over about 4 crates full of textiles announcing that all loose fabric and textiles were 50p each, so we got stuck in digging through them (or rather I did while mum watch the trolley!).  We got some great bits and pieces - some of which will be used for what they were originally intended and some will be repurposed. Mum got some great black and white chair slipcovers.  I got some cushion covers, pieces of fabric, and a few pieces that are covers for sofas which i will use for something else.  The original price of one of the pieces was £80.00!!

When I got home I wished I'd looked for some fabric that I could have used as a curtain behind the front door (to keep drafts out!).  So while we were out and about today, David and I called back into Ikea.  I went back into the bargain corner and the 50p signs were still up and I found more items that weren't there yesterday. Including some curtains!!  I spent £8.50 on 50p items so that just shows how many items i got!!  I also spent £2 total on 6 little ceramic pots that are white on the outside and bright colour inside. They will be so fun for when we are entertaining.

I'll have to take pics and post them later. I was very pleased with my haul of textiles. Now I have to find a place to store them :)

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What Kelly Did next...... said...

Oh cant wait to see pics of all ya bargain fabrics etc!