Thursday, 18 December 2008


Erm, yeah, I know - it's been a while.  It's just been SO busy  - I'm sure you'll all agree!!

But first - the most EXCITING news!!

I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister's baby wasn't due until 3rd January but it looks like he didn't want to miss out on Christmas!  Helen's waters broke on Tuesday so she went to the hospital. They examined her and said that she wasn't in labor yet so to go back home but to come in on Thursday if nothin had happened.  I actually spoke to her yesterday about my experiences of being induced so she knew kind of what to expect.  Anyway, this morning I got a call from my mum before I took the boys to school to say that Helen's hubby had called them at 7am to say that they were at the hospital.  Helen's contractions had started last night so they went to the hospital at 1am.  When Adam rang he said that Helen had just been examined and was only 3cm dilated so we expected it would be quite a while before we heard news.  Well I was in school this morning and work at lunchtime so didn't get back home until 1.30pm. I had also left my phone at home!  I called my mum and she said that Helen had given birth! At 9am!! How quick was that!!!  And it was a boy (they didn't find out the sex before hand).  They haven't chosen a name yet.  He's a tiny little thing - 5lb 15oz.  How cute!!  My parents have headed down to the hospital to see them so I'm hoping for news again this evening!!  I'm so excited and so pleased everything seems to have gone quickly and smoothly.  I know Helen was very anxious about labor and birth. Especially since she's still recovering from ME.  What a relief that it was quick!!  Looking forward to meeting my new nephew in the next few days :)


Jen M said...

Congratulations!! What wonderful news!

renee' said...

That is super exciting and wonderful! Can't wait to see pictures of the "little" guy. Did you hear Gina just had her baby boy too. What a great Christmas gift!

claire said...

Aw Congratulations to your sis :)