Saturday, 10 January 2009

My parents rang this morning to say that my mum's car had a flat battery so they wouldn't be picking the kids up as usual at 11am.  So we took them with us to run a few errands. We popped into Matalan. And I know that I mentioned in the last post that I wasn't buying new if I could help it, but they had a Batman Dark Knight dressing up outfit for £3.50 reduced from £14.00 and I just know I couldn't get an older version batman dressup outfit for that! so I bought it to put away for Nat and Zac. I also got Nat a pair of leather boots reduced to £5.00, but I did mention that footwear is exempt from my resolution, lol :)

My parents got mum's car a new battery and came to pick up the boys at about 3.00 to take them back to their house for a bit. When it comes to my kids, my parents are like addicts, lol.  They need to get their fix and if they don't they get withdrawl symptoms!

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Jen M said...

You're so lucky, sometimes I wish I had family nearby (although I must admit I don't miss family politics and drama!)