Thursday, 12 February 2009


After seeing this post on Elizabeth's blog, I looked at the info for where I live compared to where my sisters and some friends live (as you do!) and here are tomorrow's times, lol!.

Me (Ossett, England): Sunrise 07:30 Sunset 17:07
Twin Sis (Livingston, Scotland): Sunrise: 07:44 Sunset 17:10
Little Sis (Derby, England): Sunrise: 07:27 Sunset 17:10
Jen (Lytham, England): Sunrise 07:36 Sunset 17:16 (hey! you get 9 mins longer in the afternoon!)
Renee' (closest was SLC, Utah): Sunrise 07:26 Sunset 17:57
Susan (Mesa, Arizona): Sunrise 07:26 Sunset 18:23 (and I'm not even going to mention wall-to-wall sunshine!!)
Stavanger, Norway: Sunrise 08:18 Sunset 17:24
Aberdeen, Scotland: Sunrise 07:46 Sunset 16:59

I'm sure this was as thrilling as watching paint dry for most of you. But it kept me out of trouble for a few minutes finding this out, lol!


renee' said...

Makes me want to start singing, "sunrise, sunset". Fun to see the data. Wish we could make a trip to England to see the sunrise and sunset, of course when it's a little warmer. :)

Susan said...

We do have sunshine, but it's actually pretty cold here - in the '60s, I think. I love it. I would trade my Arizona sunshine for your gloomy English weather any day!