Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I'm going to add some more pics from the waterfight as there were some really fun ones! I just didn't have time when I put the last one on. Also, the pics looks really washed out because of this blog template. They really are more vibrant (click on them to enlarge and see the proper colour). And because blog entries aren't as fun without at least one pic, here is a pic of my youngest nephew, Eli. This as taken a few months back. He is now 5 months and in this pic he was 3 months. We make really cute baby boys in this family, lol (on both sides). :)


Elaine said...

Hello Jo,
Lovely to read posts from you, where have you been hiding???
We all miss you at SCC.
Your boys are growing so fast, what have you been feeding them!!LOL
And your nephew too, he's a cutie!!

Love and blessings

Jen M said...

Hi Jo, I was wondering if you fancied getting together in the summer holidays one day. It would be lovely to meet you and for our boys to play together. Maybe we could work out what is halfway between us (of course, you're welcome to come here if you fancy the 1h42min journey!) Email me and we'll work something out closer to the time. Any ideas of what's in between??

Jen M said...

P.S. You're welcome to stay over too.