Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Craft Sale - this Friday!

We have been so busy lately getting ready for Friday and I'm so excited! I'm kind of nervous too - wondering how people will receive our creations, will they love them like we do!! Finishing touches are being made and inspiration for next years items are being received. No sooner do I finish one project than another one is whirling away in my head! (in fact usually before the current project is finished - so many things, too little time or talent!).

Don't forget that after the event any items remaining will be put on our blog for sale. That's if there's anything left, lol. Of course there will be! But I can always dream that we will sell out completely within the first hour, ha ha.

Wish us luck :)


Kyla said...

Good luck, Joanne, hope it goes so great!!!

renee' said...

Seriously wishing that I could be there. I took a look at your stuff on your craft blog and oh my Joanne, you are one talented and busy busy busy lady!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Best of luck to you! Hope you do well!