Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pictures of Ikea Bargains

Here are pictures of my ikea bargains from yesterday. They were all 50p each.

First we have 2 cushion covers for large floor type cushions. The left one is a lovely chennile style while the right one has a nice jaquard effect pattern.

Another two large cushion covers. I'm plannning on using these on the bed. The left one has pretty embroidery on it and has nice ruffles round the edge. The right one is difficult to see on here but is also a large square white cotton one with two rows of grey ribbon down the front.
These are two pillowcases with black patterns. The left one is a lot larger than the right one.
On the left we have a single curtain panel. Not sure how I'm going to use it yet. On the right we have 2 cotton chair slip covers. Again, not sure how I'm going to use them yet. Possibly make them into cushion covers. Any other ideas??
And here we have 2 large pieces of fabric with red/orange design print and a piece of fabric with a black design finish. These are nice cotton fabrics and will go into my fabric stash until I come up with a project that requires such fabrics!!
These are heavy cotton fabrics that are currently loose covers for sofas that are being cut into pieces for other projects I have in mind. One in particular I'm going to work on later in the week. I'll fill you in on the details when I've done it - if it works :)
Again, the left piece of dark denim style fabric is a loose chair cover that I'm going to use with the above fabrics. The right piece is a single duvet cover. It's a lovely light silky feel fabric. Very cooling.
I have 3 of these curtains panels (so 1.5 pairs!) One pair will probably go into our bedroom for the winter as the curtains we have there now (also white) are a light floaty fabric and I wanted something warmer for winter (these are thicker and heavier so hopefully warmer!).  They are really, really, long so will probably be cut to half the length which will give me more fabric for other projects!
A really nice table cloth.  I may use this as a throw to drape over the toy box in the living room. What do you think?
Another curtain panel.  I love the ruffled look of it.  I was thinking of maybe hanging it behind the front door to stop drafts, but I'm not sure whether it is practical to have such a light coloured fabric there. Any thoughts? The worst that can happen though is that is gets dirty and I have to wash it. For 50p it might be worth trying?
I hope you enjoyed this little tours around my ikea bargains :) My DH thinks I'm nuts photographing them to put on here!! LOL!


Jen M said...

OOH, what a great stash! I love them!! Can't wait to see pics of the things you make.

angel said...

You lucky lucky lucky girl, i am not Jealous at all, uh ha not me.
I cant wait now, what ya gunna do with them bits?
I wish i could get out to my Icky more. :-(

claire said...

You are lucky - tons of good stuff there :)

Renee' Braddy said...

You really are the bargain shopper. Just think all of that for less than most people spend on lunch. I LOVE the black and white fabrics, very nice. I can just see you searching and searching through the bargain baskets. Love IKEA, we have in Salt Lake now.