Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Summer Time

Can you believe that we only have one more week after this one until we go back to school?? It's gone wayyyyy too quickly for my liking!! I was ill for the first two weeks though (some sort of chest infection that rendered me bed-bound!) so that shortened the actual time I had to do stuff and enjoy the break!

We haven't been away (we went on our vacation back in May) so have just pottered around here. Sometimes it's just nice to spend time home, doing very little, just enjoying each others company! We've had crazy weather though - some hot sunny days, some cold rainy wet days, and everything inbetween, lol.

A couple of weeks ago my grandad celebrated his 90th birthday and we all went out for lunch with him. He does so well for his age. He's just decided that he's not going to drive his car on an evening when it's dark as his vision isn't so good when it's not bright. Up until just a couple of years ago he used to go to mainland Europe for a month or so every August - getting the ferry and driving thousands of miles! And he speaks the language of wherever he goes. He can get by in Spanish, French and German. Pretty cool! I hope I'm as active as he is when I'm 90. Although I'll probably be drooling in a corner somewhere, lol.

My washing machine broke a couple of weeks ago so tomorrow I went and ordered a new one. It will most likely be delivered next week. That's one of the exciting things I have to look forward to before school starts again. It gets exciting around here I tell you!! :) I'm sure you're jealous!!

We went to Ikea yesterday as they were celebrating 15 years of Ikea in Leeds and they were selling their hotdogs at 15p at the Bistro. So I pushed the boat out and treated the kids, heck they could have two if they wanted, lol. They had a hotdog and an icecream each. So 50p total per kid. I'm generous to a fault, I am!! I actually had 2 hotdogs (no icecream). £1.30 for lunch. Excellent hee hee.

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