Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Thrifty Goodness

Most car boot sales are held on a Sunday, which is infuriating for me as I don't shop on Sundays for religious reasons. So when I find sales that are on a Saturday I get excited (I'm easily amused, obviously). I've been lucky this season to find a few to go to. The biggest and best is at a local rugby union ground. It's HUGE. It takes several hours to walk around. They have one on a bank holiday Monday in May (which I attended) and then one on August bank holiday Monday (next week!!). They have others throughout the summer but on Sundays. I also went to one at a local Catholic church, a couple at a field a couple of miles away, and then a couple just up the road from me. I've just the one at the rugby ground to attend next week then that's it for the year. I can't even tell you how much fun I have walking round the sales!!

So what have I bought this year? Well I've been looking at kids clothes (as usual). I buy jeans and tshirts mainly. My kids wear a uniform to school so only wear regular clothing for playing. Therefore, I don't want to spend a fortune on them! I usually spend either 20p or 50p and item. Last Saturday, I bought 3 pairs of jeans for Nathaniel for 20p each. My kids are growing like weeds!! Nathaniel has just turned 9 but needs age 10 jeans and I look for age 8 for Zach. I was also fortunate to get lots of hand-me-downs recently too so they are well stocked for the next year or two.

I've also been buying clothes for my nephew Eli who is about 20 months old. I've bought some fantastic items, again for 20p or 50p each including designer brands such as Diesel and Timberland. I'm glad I can help out my sister as she has very little time to attend sales herself as she's usually working Saturdays. Plus she's busy renovating a house they've just bought and looking after her little boy while her husband has his own business! AND she's just graduated from university!! Crazy busy woman!! And I have to admit, buying little boy/toddler clothes is far more fun than buying older boy clothes!

On Saturday I also bought a few bits for my mum. I bought her 3 Slimming World recipe books for 50p for all 3 total! And 2 cushions (Ikea) that match 2 she already has for Christmas.

I've been buying myself some fun costume jewellery and accessories this year. I have a drawerful and love to have a rummage in it to find bits to finish off an outfit. I've also been fortunate to find some shoes this year. One pair is from Wallis - black patent heels. Worn once. £1.50. And another sale I found a brand new pair of black patent shoes with cone shaped heel with a strap for £2.00. I'd been looking for a pair exactly like that so was excited and couldn't believe my luck when I found them!! I've also bought clothes for myself. I pay either 50p or £1 an item. In fact, the top I get the most comments on was £1 at a car boot in May!! Most of the clothes are smart clothes for work and church. I get a thrill looking at what I'm wearing when sat in church, knowing how little I've paid, lol. And they all look new!

I've also scored on some fab childrens books too. Again, either 10p, 20p or 50p each. I bought another copy of The Jolly Postman for school as the library copies are a little dog-eared since they are so popular. I bought it along with 2 others for £1 total. I also bought Pigeon Finds a Hotdog which has to be one of my favourite books for 25p. And last week I bought Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob) for 50p. At one sale I bought 10 books for £1 including a brilliant one on Ancient Rome that we were able to use at school. I have a 'thing' for kids books. I have to really control myself or I'd buy way more than I do!

I've also bought some magazines because I can't bring myself to pay full retail price. I got a pile of O magazines and some Everyday with Rachael Ray cooking magazines. 20p each is good for me! I've also bought a couple of DVD's for £1 each including Rat Race which the kids LOVE and Juno (which I'd not seen but wanted to!).

I know I've bought way more stuff than listed here - I should have made a list and taken a picture after each one! I'll have to have a wander through the house one day and take pics of things I've bought at car boots or charity shops and pop them on here just for fun. And hopefully after Monday's upcoming car boot sale, I'll have more bargains to show :)


Jen said...

I totally agree, I do the same thing in church (tot up my outfit and smile when I realise the whole lot is less than £25) and I love it when I get compliments on items I've found at charity shops or on eBay!

Jen said...

P.S. You should come over this way, I have 2 car boot sales near me that are held on Saturdays! Stay over on a Friday night and we can head down on Saturday morning for some shopping.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Wow! Really great deals!

I'm loving thrift shopping. One of the teens at church (who happens to be very obsessed with appearance) complimented my outfit a few weeks ago. I didn't tell her that my J.Crew skirt only cost me $2 at a thrift store. ;-)