Friday, 3 September 2010

York part 1 - shopping

Because yesterday was the last day of the summer holidays that we would all be home together, we decided to have a day trip out. Plus, the weather was beautiful so it would have been a shame to have just stayed home. We debated on where to go and came up with York! It's only about an hour away but somewhere we don't get to very often. Since it was about 10am before we decided where to go, York was perfect as we'd still get there before lunch and have an afternoon out.

Now going to York with David and the boys meant that I wasn't able to go shopping. David suggested I go later in the year with either friends or sisters and go shopping, possibly Christmas shopping, so I'll be sure to do that :) There are so many beautiful shops (with prices to match!!) but what eye candy!!

Here are just a few drool worthy shops I saw. I couldn't take too many pictures as David and the boys were giving me strange looks!

David did comment on the number of jewellery and watch shops and enjoyed looking in the windows, as evidenced below. David likes watches but at these prices (notice the price of the watch at the back of the picture that David liked!!) we gave it a miss, lol.

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Kyla said...

This is probably an American comment, but it reminds me so much of Diagon alley in Harry Potter! Such cute shops! Beautiful church too!