Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wash Day Blues

So I've been without a washing machine for a few weeks now. I have a combined washer/dryer and about a year or so ago the drying function ceased to function! It was fine for washing until the past few weeks. It wouldn't drain the water out. So I had to do it by hand which just isn't fun!! I've been taking my laundry to my mom's to do (she's fab!!) and last Tuesday finally got around to ordering a new one. They called me on Friday to arrange delivery for today. So I got up this morning and called the hotline to find out my 4 hour delivery slot. But of course they knew nothing of my delivery. It hadn't been entered on the system. They said they could arrange delivery for 2 weeks time. Two weeks!!! Mmmm, no way Jose!!! I told them I specifically mentioned that I needed it before Monday 6th since I was back at work then! The lady from customer services just called and said that she MIGHT be able to get delivery for the weekend but didn't promise anything. I'm waiting to hear back. If I don't hear back by lunch I'm going to call them to cancel and order from somewhere who CAN deliver me a machine!! Is it too much to ask that I can actually do some laundry?? And we are actually having some lovely drying weather this week. Just my luck!!

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