Friday, 18 April 2008


Today I went shopping with my friend Jannine (and her gorgeous year old daughter) and my sister in law, Caitlin (Hi Cait if you're reading this!). We dropped the boys off at school and then headed over to Ikea for breakfast and a trek around the store. I wasn't planning on buying anything as Ikea in the UK are celebrating their 21st birthday this weekend and are having a sale tomorrow - 21% off everything. I was planning on heading over there tomorrow and getting mattresses for the boys' new bunk beds they are getting. However, I managed to get them today as they had one mattress in the bargain corner at a reduced price so I got them both for the same price as I would tomorrow. Which means I don't have to battle with the crazy people in store tomorrow!! They are actually opening from 6am until midnight tomorrow to deal with the crowds. Crazy huh!!! I also bought 3 single duvet covers from the bargain corner which were reduced to £1 each. Not sure whether to use them as covers for the boys (the red one and black one) or to use the fabric for other projects. So Cait - if you are reading - these pictures are for you :) I provide a good source of amusement for my family and friends :)

After our trip to Ikea we visited a lighting factory shop. Then we headed to Costco with slight diversions around Leeds since we weren't quite sure of the directions (Jannine was driving, bless her!). Leeds is a beast of a city to navigate around, especially due to the one way system. We were quite good in Costco, didn't spend too much (probably because we couldn't find the brownie mix!). Poor Cait managed really well since we were on our feet from 9.30am until 3pm and she is 8 months pregnant! If my nephew comes tonight - don't blame me :) I'm sure she'll sleep well tonight! We were quite giddy at having a full day out shopping. I think we are going to have a weekly shopping day from now on. It was such a fun day!! I'm so blessed to have such a great friend and great sister in law!

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