Thursday, 8 May 2008

Boys, Babies, Bargains

When I read other people's blogs, they always have a witty or meaningful title. I really struggle putting a title on my entries........ so this is my best attempt!! :)

The boys have been loving going to school in just their polo shirts this week (obviously trousers as well, just not sweatshirts, jackets, hee hee). We are just loving this weather and long may it last!! The boys are able to run around in the garden after school. They have such a sense of freedom, rather than being cooped up indoors! I must say this weather puts me in a good mood too. It's just perfect at the moment. I'd like it like this all year round. It's not too warm that you can't do anything, but it's warm and sunny enough just to wear a tshirt. Lovely! So I'm planning a BBQ for Saturday when David gets home from work.

On Wednesday, I took Caitlin for her last midwife checkup before her due date {gulp}. Her due date is 8 days away and I'm so excited I can't imagine how Cait and Rick are feeling!! (actually I can as I've been there myself!). Oh, the joy of a new tiny baby. I'm so looking forward to my little snuggles with my brand spanking new nephew. I'm getting all excited about it just thinking about it :) And he's only going to be living 10 mins up the road. Oh, aren't I so blessed :) I'll get to see lots of him (if Cait and Rich don't get fed up of me visiting :) )
Aren't babies just the best way to start people :)

David and I popped into Wakefield today for a walk around town while the weather is so good. I managed to find a few bargains, happy day :) And pictures are below as we all know that a post like this is useless without them :)

A pair of black (the flash makes them grey) shorts for Nathaniel 50p

A Brand new pair of flip flops for me (cute with buttons and beads) £2.00
A cotton skirt for me £1.00 (or I may use the fabric for something else!)
A girls' cotton skirt (yes, I realise I have boys, but this is going to be made into a bag - I just love the fabric pattern!). 50p
A girls' tshirt. I am going to cut this cute, cute owl off the front and put on the front of a cushion. It's just adorable :) 50p
A wild and wacky shirt for Nathaniel. It's brand new with tags still attached. Might be a bit big for this summer as it's age 8 but will have to try it on him. 50p


Elaine said...

Oooo what lovely bits, I often see "other things" in clothes, the owl will make a lovely cushion.

And I know just what you mean about post titles hehe

Blessings xxxxxxxxx

Renee' Braddy said...

Very cute title. Sounds like a fun shopping day, what great deals you continue to find. We are still wondering if spring/summer is coming here. Some days it is shorts weather and other days we put back on jackets, but we are just happy to be outdoors. The twins were born, they are too cute. You can look at their hospital pics on Luke and Brenna's blog.

Summer by the sea said...

We are loving the warm weather too - you got some great bargains - I love the flip flops - Natalie x (p.s - My son's name is Nathaniel too!)

Elizabeth said...

Nice finds. I particularly like the flip flops and the little girl's skirt will make a great bag.