Saturday, 3 May 2008

Car Booting

Usually car boot sales are held on a Sunday which is frustrating as I can't go to them! But last week I saw a poster that was advertising a car boot sale at a church near to Asda which was being held on a Saturday, and at 10am too (not some unearthly hour!). So I arranged to meet my mum and dad there at 10.00, have a walk round and then they would take the boys with them as usual. We I arrived at Asda just after 9.30 so I could get some cash from the ATM. I then walked over to the church and was planning on just hanging around until 10.00 until I saw people already buying and selling, so off we went! We managed to have a good walk around before meeting my parents, and bought a few bits and pieces. I then took them back to the car and had another look around. The boys were looking for toys but there weren't too many people selling boys toys. Lots of baby toys and paraphanelia (how do you spell that??) but not much for Nat and Zach's age. They did manage to get a few cars, new in the box. And also some sort of remote control car that was new also. They have taken them with them so I'll have to look the later! Once mum and dad took the boys I was able to look without distraction! I bought a few bits before they left and mum bought me a couple of cake stands. It was lovely weather so it was nice to be outside. I'll post picture below of my finds. I did also find a brand new fire extinguisher for £3 - the type you have for the car. It was weird actually as my friend Jannine had been asking me where she could buy one as they are travelling to europe soon and want one for the car. I already have one, so when I saw this brand new one I bought it for her! I didn't take a picture of it because, well, it's a fire extinguisher!

After the car boot I bought a bacon butty from Asda. Yum! I then headed home. I was considering going to the Wakefield Hospice Warehouse shop but thought I might go next week inside. However, as I was driving home I ended up in the wrong lane and so decided to head there for a quick look anyway. I knew there was going to be a shoe sale on but I just assumed they would be second hand shoes. How wrong! When I got there I saw tables and tables full of brand new kids designer shoes - Lelli Kelly, Oilily etc! Apparently one of the expensive childrens boutique stores had had a flood and they had given all their 'damaged' stock to the Hospice Warehouse. Now I could see nothing wrong with the shoes I was looking at! They had their original prices in which varied from £25 to about £70. The Hospice were selling them all for £5 a pair!!! They have loads of beautiful, gorgeous, to die for toddler size girls and boys shoes, but not so many older boys (for Nat and Zach). After a little while I called Jannine and she came down to look for boots for Millie. She then called Amy who has twin 1 year old boys to tell her. I also called my friend Andrea to see what size shoe her little girl wears. We got a pair of boots for her, if they fit! A bit later Amy came along with the twins and we helped her find some shoes and tried them on her boys. I did manage to find one pair each for Nat and Zach. I bought the next size up for them. Jannine bought a couple of pairs for Millie and one for Sammy, and Amy bought a total of 4 pairs. I think I should have been paid commission! Amy also bought 2 pairs for her nephews. I think I was there for about 2 hours!! The pair I bought for Zach should have been £67 and the ones for Nat were £65. So bargains for a fiver!! If I'd have had more cash I would have bought some of the cute Lelli Kelly and Oilily shoes and put them on ebay and made some £££.

So here are the pics of today's finds:

A cute brand new (tag attached) Harrod's cord bag with Scottie dog. White Scottie on one side and black scottie on other. 50p

These were also 50p each. An animal print shopper (new) and a dolcis brown leather bag.
Cute china cake stands £1.50 each.
Gorgeous set of sandwich platter and 6 plates. £1.50 the set. Picture doesn't do them justice really.
Set of 6 teacups, saucers and plates. Want to have a tea party (even though I don't drink tea! how about a herbal tea party!). £1.00 for the lot!

A set of 4 70's kitchen storage jars. £1 for the set. These remind me of the Hornea Pottery ones my parents had!
An old sewing box. £1.00. I will probably paint this or do something to it!!

A tiny sugar bowl and cream/milk jug in a pleasant design! 20p each.
And for the boys - a power rangers weapon each. £1.00 each
And these are the brand new shoes for Nathaniel £5
And the new ones for Zach £5.00


sharie said...

love the cake stands, great bargains

Renee' Braddy said...

Wish I could have been there. You always find the "deals". I would love to get Bethany some shoes for $5.00 a pair. I have never heard the term "car booting". Learn something new everyday!

Lea said...

Oh wow what a great day you had! You did so well with all of your finds. Great find with the shoes though!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You did very well at the sale - I love vintage sewing boxes and beautiful old china.

Enjoy the two weeks school break - it is always good to have your kids at home and have a break from the busy school routine.

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your brand new nephew.