Saturday, 19 July 2008

I've been AWOL for far too long...........

Yes, I know!

This week Nathaniel had his 7th birthday. Gosh! Is he really that old?? For the past month or so we'd been asking him what he wanted to do for his birthday party and he could never really decide. So I decided for him and he was excited for what I had planned. I suggested having a 'boys' toys' party down at church. We had 3 games consoles set up in one room - a Wii, a PS2 and a gamecube (embarrassed to admit they are all ours! we also had the option of an xbox, xbox360 and PS3! I think David is a bigger kid than the boys, lol). In the biggest room we had radio control cars. In a side room we had a scalextric, and on the stage we had a bowling alley game set up. I made a chart on the blackboard with all the kids names on and all the different activities. They were assigned which activity to start with and given a partner and a time limit. Then they would meet back at the board where we would record whether they won, lost or drew in that activity. I them jiggled them around and sent them to a different activity with a different partner. We did this for 1.5 hours and then went into a different room for food and cake. The party was a great success and all the kids had fun. Because of the way it was organised there was no behaviour problems. They were all so well behaved. We were lucky that my parents volunteered to help. So did my SIL, BIL and my gorgeous new nephew. My aunty came along with her granddaughter who is such a cute 3 year old. She also brought my grandma. I'm so glad that Nathaniel had such a fun party. He has some great friends! I might have to do this for Zach's party next year. And the only cost was the food!! And I was so busy sorting it all out that I forgot to take pictures!! How bad is that??

Onto other things.......

I had been involved with a swap on a shabby chic forum I frequent. This month's theme was summer garden party and I received the most amazing package from my swap partner in Germany. I was blown away, flabergasted, by what I received. It was all presented beautifully in this gift basket. My most favourite item was this patchwork she
had made. I LOVE it!! I'm such a lucky girl!!

Last week we took the kids to the local carvery for lunch. I can't believe how much food they ate! The enjoyed every bite!

And here are my boys at our friends house. My kids are the ones on the chairs. My friends boys are on the floor. They were so engrossed in their ga
me that they didn't even notice me taking pictures!! Boys and their toys, huh!


Renee' Braddy said...

Joanne, that sounds like a great birthday party. Would you like to plan one for Bethany next month? I'd hire you! I think that Kevin would have loved that birthday party, along with some of his friends, he's actually gone playing "Call of Duty" on X-Box right now. you have Guitar Hero? We don't, but we've had fun playing it with friends.

Jen M said...

What a brilliant party idea - but I must say, you are extremely brave!!

Hey, I tagged you on my blog. Go check it out!

Lea said...

Awww fab party! Btw, the blog looks great :-) I love the background.

I have been ill for years, but never known why. Everything was ruled out and M.E was my diagnosis beginning of this year. Thankfully, it's not that bad at the moment.
You can ask me questions honey. How long has your sister had it? I Had it for sure through-out my pregnancy with Sebastian, but not sure with Madi.

Lea xxx