Thursday, 31 July 2008

Mamma Mia!!

Last night we had a girls' night out to see Mamma Mia. One of my friends had already seen it twice but the rest of us hadn't seen it at all, so off we went! The showing was at 8pm and we got there at 7.30 and found that it had sold out already!! In fact the cinema was the busiest I had ever seen it!!! We couldn't get parking so just had to park up on a kerb. The lines were out the door! There were tons of people there for Mamma Mia and tons there for The Dark Knight (the new Batman film). You could easy see which line was for which movie - one line was full of groups of girlfriends and the other full of men and teen boys!! You decide which was which, lol. So we bought tickets for the 9.10pm showing as no way were we going home :) We decided that we should get in line as soon as the 8pm people went into their showing. So we quickly went and got icecream and got back in line. We were pleased to see we were at the front so would have no problem getting a good seat. So at around 9pm we were let through into the theatre and we headed towards a row of seats. First of all, it was only one of the small theatres which surprised us. So as we all sat down we realised that the seats were kind of tilted. It was as if someone from behind had kicked the whole row forward, so the back of our seats were totally upright and our seats were sloping forward so we were almost sliding off! By this time however the whole theatre was full and there were no seats anywhere else that we could move to (not all 7 of us together). So we had to endure these totally uncomfortable seats! We even got some of the kids booster seats to put under out feet to hold us up and stop us falling off! We must have look ridiculous, all hunched over, lol. The movie was really fun and we were singing along to all the songs (although we seemed to be the only ones!!). I've always like Julie Walters as an actress and I think she acted so well in this. She was soooo funny :) I'd even say she had the best performance in the film, closely followed by Meryl Streep. At the end of the movie we actually found the manager and complained about the seats - we actually took her in the theatre to show her exactly which ones they were so she could arrange to get them fixed. She gave us all a free pass for another showing. But all in all it was a great night. I might have to go and see it again sometime - but maybe when it's not so busy!

I have some pix on my phone that I need to download onto the 'puter and add on here. Maybe tomorrow :)

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