Monday, 20 July 2009

Beamish Museum

As you know, I LOVE a bargain! So last December I booked some Travelodge breaks when they were on the £9 a night offer. The first of these breaks was on my birthday towards the end of June. We booked a night at Washington, Tyne and Wear so we could go to Beamish Museum on the Saturday. I've never been before but wanted to go so we went for my birthday! It's a really great place to spend a day. Check out their website for full details. It's basically an open air museum. You can travel around the site on an old fashioned bus or tram. Different areas of the estate are set in different times in history. There's an old farm, mining village, church, school, manor, high street with shops and businesses. I took far too many pics to post so here are just a few! Remember you can click on them for a larger and clearer view.

The old high street.Inside the dentists.
The old tram.
The printers.
Inside the old sweet shop. The busiest shop there. I wonder why??? Of course we had to buy a few bags :)

Zachary ringing the bell at the old insurance office.Look at all these delicious fabrics in the old-fashioned haberdashery type store!
In the old school house.
My attempt at looking like a bossy teacher, lol.
David trying to look intelligent :)

Nathaniel and Zachary at the old school. They loved writing on the slates!
Ready for work down the mine! We had the chance to go on a little tour down a drift mine. It was fascinating. Sure glad I don't have to work down there!!
Gorgeous cottages near the farm.
David and the boys looking at the little piggies :)

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Mycket said...

So fun!! Definitely something I would have loved to visit! And at roughly $18/night - why not??