Monday, 20 July 2009

Sports Day!

Today was Nathaniel's sports day at school. It was for Years 3 and 4 this morning. The older kids had theirs this afternoon and the younger kids (including Zac) have theirs tomorrow morning. The rain held off and we had a lovely morning. I should have been working in school, but most of the kids I work with are in years 3 and 4 so I was able to go out and watch. Nathaniel was in the Blue team and was delighted they won! Oh, and if you're wondering about Nat's shorts - he'd left his own ones at home and had to borrow Zac's! That's why they are so short :)

Nat flying the flag for the Blue team.

I LOVE this picture of Nathaniel with one of his best friends. He's the only other child who has been in the same classes as Nathaniel through Y1 to Y3!

When they announced the javelin event, all us parents were a little concerned! Until we saw the soft foam javelins. Phew!!
Run Nathaniel, Run!!

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renee' said...

You and I are doing the same thing. Way to go on updating your blog, it's fun to see pictures of your whole family. But, I especially can't believe how the boys are growing. They are getting even more handsome. Crazy that you have an eight year old... and you look GREAT, you should always get your picture taken. Happy Day, well actually Night to You!