Monday, 20 July 2009

Chester Zoo and Cannon Hall Farm

Zachary was one lucky boy a few weeks ago. He had a school trip to Chester Zoo and a week later he had a trip to Cannon Hall Farm. And because I've been working at school, I got to go on both trips too! And the weather couldn't have been any better! Hot, sunny and dry both days. Excellent!!

Farm pics first (although my camera batteries died soon after arriving so I didn't get many shots!). Zac isn't in any pics as he wasn't in my group. I haven't posted any pics with other kids in for obvious reasons. So it's just animals, lol.

The sheep had been herded up, ready to be dipped. The sheep looking right at me made me laugh. It's hilarious :) I'm so easily amused, obviously :)

I'm glad you can't SMELL what we could smell when we were at the cows!
And now for the zoo shots. Again, only a few without children in.

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Jen M said...

Glad you made the most of the sunny days; it seems they're over now :o(