Monday, 14 January 2008

David and I got productive in the kitchen yesterday....... (I mean in the baking sense!! *blush* lol!). I made dinner in the crockpot. It took longer than I hoped it would so it wasn't ready until 8pm but it turned out delish! I put in turkey thigh pieces, carrots, potatoes and instead of gravy I put in chicken chasseur sauce mix. We ate the leftovers for lunch today. yummo!

David decided he wanted to make some bread. We haven't used the bread machine for ages but I've been thinking this week about how I need to start using it again. You just can't beat freshly made bread. So while David was sorting out the bread I decided to join in the floury fun and make choc chip cookies again. I made some earlier in the week using my friend, Andrea's, recipe. So I whipped up a batch of them!

While my back was turned Zach thought he'd get in on the action. He obviously didn't realize I was standing behind him with camera in hand to record his crafty ways :) This is just SO Zach!!

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Crockpot Lady said...

chicken what? chaucer? wasn't I supposed to have read that in some lit class?
I haven't heard of that before---what does it taste like?

lol on the site meter addiction! It's fun tracking people down.