Friday, 18 January 2008

This morning my VT's came to visit (actually only one of them came to visit as the other one has flu!). It was fun just to sit and chat for an hour with a friend I don't get to see very often. So often we don't take the time just to slow down and relax and enjoy visits with those around us. Before she came I was so concerned with cleaning up the room (you know, trying to make it look as if we - including 2 little boys! - don't actually live here!). Why do we do that? I wish I could just relax and let people take me as they find me, but I get so concerned with what people will think of me if things are out of place. I miss out on having friends over etc because I'm not happy that my house isn't perfect. So I need to learn that it's okay for people to just come over and take us as we are!! Or I just have to try to keep my house perfect! (like that's going to happen with 2 little men around!).

I've actually got plans for a couple of projects in my living room. I want to make a picture wall on the wall behind the largest sofa. I need to get pictures together and plan how I'm going to organise it. I really want a wooden 'Family' decoration. I'm not sure where I can get one though. I think a visit to TK Maxx is in order (yes, it's TK Maxx over here, not TJ Maxx. Not sure why??). They have some gorgeous decorative items! I'm still kicking myself about a little case they had there last year that I missed out on. It was a vintage looking case, in shades of cream, tan, brown. It had a cute handle on it and on the front were the words, 'Faith, Family, Friends'. I saw it and couldn't decide whether to buy it or not. I didn't and then regretted it. The next time I went into town I went to see if it was there and it had gone!! It would have looked so go
od on a little shelf. Ah well!!

For Christmas I received a beautiful framed photograph from my sister Helen. She took the photo herself and developed it herself when she was doing her foundation photography course (she's now doing her degree in commercial photography). It is a black and white photo of two flowers and she has entitled it 'Sisters'. It is very special to me. Gifts like that are priceless!!

I also need to get some new curtains for this room. At the moment I have a pair of plain cream curtains in the window but they are slightly too small. My mom gave them to me when I redecorated this room, to put me on until I bought some. But they've been there a little longer than planned! I saw some really beautiful ones in a shop in town today but didn't know the measurements! I'll have to measure the window properly and maybe go get some this week (if they aren't too expensive).

David has got a new cell phone. Actually I will probably be using it. His contract had come to an end so he was due a free upgrade of phone when he signed up for new contract. He's been playing with it all day! It's a Nokia N82 for anyone who knows anything about cell phones!! One good feature is the 5mp camera which
makes it great for snapping photos on the go. I'm forever forgetting to take my camera places so now I'll have a quite decent cellphone camera to use. It's really easy to transfer the pictures to the computer too. I couldn't figure out how to do that with my old phone's camera. So that should mean more pics on here, cause we all know blogs need pics!!

So this is a picture of Zach (on the left) with his best friend Sammy at their nursery school Nativity in December. Zach was a king and Sammy was a shepherd. I asked for them to give me big smiles but these goofy little boys had other plans! :) All the pictures I took have the funniest faces on them! They make me laugh. I LOVE these boys! Zach and Sammy are at school together and are in the same class in primary at church. Sammy's mom is one of my best friends so that works out really well :) These boys would live at each other's houses if they could. It makes my heart happy for Zach to have such a good friend, even at such a young age. One of my big concerns, as a mother, is that my children have 'good' friends. And so far I've been more than happy with their choice of friends!

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Heather said...

It's so hard not to cram bunch of cleaning in the 15 mins. before VTers come over. If you find the cure let me know!