Thursday, 31 January 2008


So here are my pictures that I took of my great finds yesterday.

Here is the delightful drawer set I got (2.95) . The pictures as usual don't do it justice and the colours are a little off. They show it yellower than it actually is:

And please note: do not balance heavy items that you are photographing on the arm of a sofa when you have a glass of soda on the floor underneath or this will happen:

Yes, that's a dark coloured soda all over my cream carpet (of course I decided to take a photo before rushing to get a cloth to clean it up!!). The glass literally disintegrated! I can't believe what it did to it! Luckily my little owl survived unscathed!

This is the traditional wooden quoits game (£1.50)

And 2 packs of Top Trumps. I checked and they were complete and in perfect, as new, condition. The kids have already been playing them (50p each):

This is the old picture I got for £2.50 (and a picture of the back of it):

Here is my owl (75p) . The picture isn't very good though......

Here is my sideboard where I am thinking of putting them. Still need to play around with it all.

And here is the large canvas picture I got for my mum (£3.00):

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Mycket said...

JOANNE! This is so exciting! Your boys are ADORABLE! I love that you're all scrappy, too! We should chat more about it. I also love twopeas (although they are ALWAYS sold out of everything I love!)
And I am totally amazed at your bargin-finding ability.

I'm so glad we can keep in better touch now!!