Friday, 11 January 2008

It's the end of the week already! The kids have settled back into school. Zach is now part-time in school and is loving it! He enjoys seeing Nathaniel at break time in the playground and hassling him and his friends, lol.

David has had this week off work and we've just enjoyed being at home together, just doing regular everyday stuff. He got the boys ready for school for me yesterday, and walked them up there, and let me sleep-in! Yeah!! Gotta love extra time in a warm cosy bed in the morning!

This morning I had my primary presidency meeting. I'm so blessed to work with some amazing women! We have such a great responsibility taking care of the children in our ward!! We have such great children!! I'm amazed at the testimonies they have and how much faith they have. It's a privilege to work with them. I'm looking forward to this year in Primary. Our theme is 'I am a Child of God'. If we can get each child to learn this and understand their great worth then I think that's one of the greatest things we can do for them. We should have a great 2008 in primary! :)

As most of my friends IRL know, I LOVE reading blogs and quite often will relate things I've learned in them to my 'real-life' friends. It's become a bit of a joke really :) But actually I'm so grateful to all the wonderful women whose blogs I read! Even though they probably don't read mine (if anyone IS reading this, please leave a comment and say 'hi'!!). I find so much inspiration and strength from them. I recently read an address made by a general authority of our church who mentioned that we should write blogs and that we should use them to further conversations of the church and gospel of Jesus Christ. So for all my friends IRL - see - I'm just doing what our leaders have endorsed we do, LOL :) And to all those women whose blogs I read (including Jen Morris, Karli Sue, Heather White, Laurie Turk, etc, etc, etc) please keep doing what you are doing!!


Lynn said...

Do you know where that address is that I can find? The one where we are encouraged to blog? I would LOVE to use it in a lesson. THanks!
And Hi. I Love reading your blog.

Joanne Brown said...

Hi Lynn - the address is one that Pres Ballard gave at BYU Hawaii graduation ceremony on Dec 15, 2007. A transcript of the address can be found here:

I haven't read all of it, to be honest. I will later! I just read a summary of it.

Thanks for reading my blog :) I never know whether anyone has found it or reads it! Do you have a blog? I love to 'meet' new friends on here :)

Joanne Brown said...

just noticed that the address doesn't show properly above. I'll try is again:

The above is all one line and has no spaces but I had to put them in otherwise it wouldn't show on here. Hope that makes sense!!