Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Earthquakes, Babies and Mediocrity

Did you feel the earthquake last night? Surprisingly some of the mums at school this morning had slept through it and didn't know a thing about it! It happened about 1am and actually didn't wake the boys up. It had been extremely windy yesterday and when I woke up at 1am I thought it was just a really strong gale. Although it did sound and feel like the roof was going to come off! It wasn't until I heard the news on the radio this morning that I realised what it was. At least it gave us something to talk about at the school gates this morning, lol!

This past week has just been an average week, which is why I haven't posted for a while. Talking about grocery shopping, doing laundry, etc isn't exactly exciting now is it?!?!? lol.

We did have news that friends of ours who are unable to have children of their own have now had a baby placed with them!! And it is an itty bitty baby girl!! She's only a week old and they should be going next week to bring her home!! That is just the best news I've heard this week for sure!!!!

I just remembered something funny that Nathaniel said last week. We were walking home from school and I asked how he'd done on his spelling test. He said he'd got 10 correct out of 15. Now let me explain about Nathaniel. He hates practicing his spelling and it can be quite a battle. Now if I give him pages of math problems he does them without hesitation as he loves maths and is very good at it. With writing and spelling it's a different matter. He CAN do well in them, but he doesn't enjoy it at all. When he doesn't practice his spelling he can get as little as 3 or 4 correct, but when he does practice he gets them all correct. Well last week he had practiced a little and got 10 correct. I mentioned to him how if he had done more work on them he could have got them all correct. He then said. "No, I think I'll stick with 10. I'm happy with 10"! It just cracked me up inside. So my son is happy with mediocrity :) Fair enough :)


Jen M said...

I totally slept through the earthquake!

That is such great news for your friends. I have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind emailing me. It's jennifer @ glowmail .net (take out the spaces.) Thanks!

Mycket said...

I can't believe your sons are so big! Post more photos, of David, too. The only photo I have ever seen of him is your wedding announcement! It boggles the mind!