Friday, 29 February 2008

Nature and Bargains

These are some pictures I took last year in some local woods. I'm definitely not a photographer, so don't expect amazing pictures! I just thought they showed what beauty we have around us. It doesn't matter where in the country or world you live, there is beauty all around us!

This morning David and I went into Wakefield to get a birthday pressie for one of Nathaniel's schoolfriends (his party is tomorrow). I also managed to visit a few charity shops but didn't get much (an as-new pair of jeans for Nathaniel as he won't stop growing :) ) I also got the boys a couple more packs of Top Trump cards for 50p each in the same charity shop I got the last ones.

Then we went to Netto's. I found a cool Columbia Sportswear Vest (Gillet) for David. It's filled with Down so will be so warm. It has earphones in the collar and a space for his iPod. It's a lovely chocolately brown colour with a lime green interior. They only had one left in the reduced cart and it had no price on it. I asked an assistant and she said I could have it for £5 so I quickly took it and paid for it! I checked on the internet when I got home and found out the retail price of it is $115. I do love my bargains! David really likes it too and is looking forward to Spring so he can wear it when we go on walks (maybe in the above woods!).

When we picked up Zach from nursery, he came out with two daffodils tied with a ribbon with a gift tag that the teacher had laminated. The gift tag had the words 'Happy Mothers Day Love From' typed on it, then Zach had handwritten his name on. I'm so glad the teachers had laminated them so that we can keep them (probably put it in my scrapbook) and be reminded of their first year of school. Zach is still learning to write his letters (he's only 4!). I can't believe that he starts school full-time after Easter! He's still my baby!!


Bobbi-Jo said...

Wow! I thought I was the queen of thrift! Great deals..

So fun reading about Nursery... it's the same wherever you go, so wonderful!

Those shots are gorgeous! Nice eye!

Mycket said...

You are amazing! I am going to hire you to be my personal shopper. Even with the currancy exchange and the shipping costs, I bet you would still save me tons of money!