Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Bad Hair Tag

I've been tagged by Jen at A Thousand Words to show 5 bad hair pics. Well I don't have access to teenage pictures (didn't like having my pic taken anyway), so here are the best ones I have:

First let me explain that when I was a little girl my mum insisted that me and my twin sister, Claire, had our hair short. Of course we hated it. We thought we looked like boys rather than the little girls we were!! We wanted long hair like most of our friends. But oh no. We had to have it short! Once we had just had it cut and we were very upset. We were adamant that we looked like boys. My mum insisted that we didn't and almost had us convinced. My mum took us to a cafe straight from the hairdressers as a treat. We were ready to order our food when the waitress asked 'and what would you boys like'!!!!! We almost burst into tears on the spot! It didn't help that we were wearing jeans and sweaters at the time. And yes, I'm still emotionally scarred by the experience :)

In this picture I am on the left and Claire on the right with my Grandma Phyllis. I actually think the ugly brown 70's clothing detracts from the nasty hair :)

Again, I think the clothing far outshines the hair on the ugly stakes! I'm on the right, Claire on the left.

Again, Claire (left) and me (right). Yes, I'm dragging Claire into this embarrassment fest :) In fact, I think Claire's probably looked worse than mine because her hair was much thicker. She had a block fringe whereas mine was wispy and flyaway.

Here we are Christmas 1974. Although my dad wins the award for the ugly hair in this pic (and the moustache!)

This is me a couple of years ago. I was trying to grow my fringe out. Bad idea I guess :)

So now that I've totally embarrassed myself, consider yourself tagged if you haven't already had the pleasure of doing this one :)

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Jen M said...

Bwahaha, fabulous pics! But even with the short hair, I still think you were a cutie :o) Thanks for being a good sport and joining in the tag.