Thursday, 21 August 2008

Happy Postbox!

This past few days I've had 3 lots of 'happy post' coming through the mail box.

One and Two were swap packages from the shabby chic cafe forum that I belong to (doesn't it feel good to 'belong'!).

The first one was based on the theme 'Strawberries and Cream
'. Pictures to follow as words won't do it justice. It was from Rosie B and was so fab! Well worth the wait - I hope Rosie feels well as she has some health issues, which makes the package even more special - that she still took the time to think of me and send her lovely items.

The second package was based on the theme 'Green' which is fab as I LOVE the colour green. Again I'll take pics later and put them on here. I'll just say it included a tea towel in the most magnificant shade of green - I love it so much I could marry it :)

The third item came through the post yesterday evening - which I found a little strange! What mail arrives on an evening?? Well I went and there it lay on the mat - in all its glory - the new IKEA catalog, lol!! I obvi
ously had to take it and immediately browse through it. Lots of delicious room settings and a few items that are on my wish list.

I'm loving this green rug:I'm definitely going to get this throw:
And look at these wall decoration stickers - I'm not sure what size they and whether they are all on one sheet, etc but I definitely need to go look at these!
and more:And what about this gorgeous red clock:

And this funky mirror:
And what about these sets of tins?
And what about these from the children's dept:

I think I'll leave it there for now - there's so many good stuff in there. I need to take a trip to the store soon too as they always have more in there. Once the kids go back to school...........


Jen M said...

Check out my blog, I've tagged you! You need to do the post and tag five more bloggers. Can't wait to see your pics!

Susan said...

You're so funny! I've never even been inside an Ikea store. Looks like they have some fun stuff :)

claire said...

LOL - I got the new ikea catalogue through and had to 'read' it straight away too!!! I got that blue childrens quilt last time I was in Ikea - its v sweet!! I too have a wish list...I heart ikea :)

angel said...

LOL, there is some scrummy stuff in it i may just have to nip in and get something.

Love and huggles Honey.

angel said...

Oi Jo, I am giving you the creative blogger award ........ co's i love's ya. Mwah. go get it lady. X x X x X

Elaine said...

Nice post Jo, bit worried about all that baby stuff though. You getting broody????? LOL

Love and blessings