Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Nie Nie Day and silent auction has declared this Thursday as Nie Nie Day. Many bloggers are holding silent auctions on their blogs to raise money for the Stephanie and Christian Nielson Rehab Fund. As you can imagine, the financial implication of months of hospital care in the US is immense. So I'm also going to take part in the silent auction. Tomorrow I will put items on my blog and then you can bid. How it works is this: if you want to bid you put it in the comments. So if you are the first and want to bid $1 put it in the comments. The next person who wants to bid puts in a higher bid amount. So check the comments to see what the current bid is before you bid. Only put bids of whole $ amounts. I'll leave it open until the weekend. Then I'll ship the items to you (at my expense). The winner will then send their money, by paypal, direct to the fund.


angel said...

Have you put this on the SC site honey, i will deffo be back tomorrow to suport you in this.
Bless you honey. X x X x X

angel said...

I'm back, will you pm me when you start, co's im bound to miss it.

X x X x X x X x X