Saturday, 22 November 2008


I went to the Charity Shop in our town today to look at the books section, as I do everytime I'm in there.  They are 5 for £1 so well worth a look!

I bought a colouring book for Nathaniel - it's actually called Doodle Patterns so rather than having pictures to colour you have patterns.  I love colouring books and think this is quite age appropriate for a 7 year old. Something he can do in Sacrament meeting at church!  I got Zach a book containing 5 Hairy MacLary stories.  We have one book already called 'Hairy MacLary and Zachary Quack (my mum got it for him since his name is Zachary!).  Zach is our little reader.  He loves books and it makes me so happy to see him pulling books off the shelves to sit and read.

I bought myself this book as I might get some good tips and advice from it! I'm going to have a peruse of it later while the kids and David watch 'You've Been Framed'.

I also bought 2 novels.  I don't mind buying used books at all.  But I do prefer then not to be too bashed and worn.  I got two that look like they've not been read, but at the same time have got good recommendations on them.  The first is The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields and the second is The Two Pound Tram by William Newton.  I think I will start with The Two Pound Tram.  I'll let you know how I enjoyed them once I've read them.  Then, since I only read books once, will happily send them on to anyone who may like to read them.  So watch out for a RAK in a little while :)  I really should sort out all my other books.  I have so many - ones I've bought but not got around to reading yet. And others, lots of others, that I've started but not finished.  Why do I do that?? 

And it's good to know that while I'm paying only £1 for a selection of 5 books, I'm doing my little bit to help my local Hospice!

Oh, I was actually frivilous today - because I spent 3.99 to buy the Sew Hip magazine at my local newsagent.  Don't want to even think about the fact that this £4 would have bought me 20 books from the Hospice shop!!

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