Friday, 21 November 2008


Lots of eye candy in this post :)

You really need to click on the pics to see the true colours as the background on this template makes them look very subdued and not at all vivid. Just suggesting :)

This first picture shows a selection of ribbons and trimmings I bought today. Some are from Hobbycraft and others are from Fabworks in Dewsbury.

Here is some Cath Kidston fabric that I bought in another fabric store in Dewsbury.  Full price is £18 a meter but I got it (it's seconds quality) for £1.99 a meter.  I bought 5 meters. Just because.  I also got a couple meters of the same but with spots rather than flowers.  I made some tiny tote bags, with red handles, for little girls.  I sold a couple at school on Wed eve.
I bought this Laura Ashley fabric from Fabworks today.  They sell all their fabric as 'seconds' to cover any possible faults found in the fabric.  It's £5 a meter.  There was a stripe in it that had been overdyed so the man gave me extra to make up for it so I probably ended up with about 1.5 meters.
These are the Laura Ashley bags I made for the craft sale we had at my MIL's last weekend. These were taken at her house. These bags sold out that Friday night. I charged 4.50 each.
These are some larger tote bags I made. I still have a couple of these. I used some Ikea fabic that's a good weight for bags.
Another pics of my bags. The one on the right is also Ikea fabric. I sold one of these and am using one of them myself. I still have more of this fabric to make more with.
Some of the coloured pencil and paper cases. I opened one to show the inside. We still have a few of these left.
Some gorgeous Sarah Smith teatowels. I didn't make these ones but found some at a great price so was still able to sell then at half rrp.  They are just too nice to use though!  And lots of the pins and needles cases. I can't decided whether the heart design or birdy design is my favorite! Again we have lots of these left.
We made some keyrings too. We only made 6 and I think we still have 2 or 3 left.  We only charged a pound each for them.
Another pic of same things.
The pencil/paper cases and also the pencil rolls.  In one of my favorite baskets!
We made some baby taggy blankets but withdrew them from sale because we need to make the tags shorter.  I love, love, love them though!!  The bottom 2 designs are my favorite.  I got the strawberry fabric from a swap and it's so delicious. I used some of it for this as I thought it would be gorgeous!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love all your stall goodies! The little needle cases are really sweet ! Your bags also look great - I love that black/white Ikea fabric and have made a few bags in as well!

kathirynne said...

Just gorgeous! Why are all the cute things in England, while I'm in the US? (Like Charlie and Lola toothbrushes, for instance!)