Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Job!

I got myself a little ol' job!

I'm now a lunchtime supervisor at my kids' school.  It's only 1 hr 15 mins a day, five days a week.  I'll be working with a 5 yr old boy (he's actually in Zac's class) who has autism - supporting him in the lunchroom and in the playground.  It's something to get me back into the classroom at some point!!  And the little bit of extra money will be very welcome.

Oh, and the best bit - I get to wear a tabard, how hilarious is that? lol!!!  

I get to be one of those dinner ladies that Peter Kay makes fun of in his standup comedy - "Get inside, it's spitting!".  If you've never seen Peter Kay, you just don't know what you're missing. Check out youtube or something. I'm sure he's on there!!


claire said...

Well done you - I got my P45 after my mat leave ended last month and it feels very strange to be officially unemployed!!!
Can you pimp up your tabard :) shabby chic tabard how fab will that be!!
Get practising your 'its spitting routine!!'

Jen M said...


Renee' Braddy said...

Way to go! That sounds like a great job, especially the part about being a little over an hour a day. I tutor 2 boys 3 days a week for a half an hour each and it's perfect! A tabard- I didn't even know for sure what that was, I'm guessing it's a something like a crossing guard would wear?! You'll have to post a picture of yourself in the tabard!