Sunday, 16 November 2008


Well our Shopping Event on Friday evening and Saturday daytime is over and was a success!  We still have the Shopping Night at school on Wednesday evening to go and more goodies to make before then! Especially tote bags.  On Friday night I sold 6 out of the 9 we made (including all of the ones I made with Laura Ashley fabric).  I took picture so will add them later once I've transfered them to the computer.

Yesterday, we were 'open' for business for 2 hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon.  Between sessions, my friend Ann, who was selling her handcrafted jewellery, took me into Dewsbury to show me where the fabric shop was.  I had planned on buying some more fabric to replenish our stock for making more bags.  The shop was fabulous!!  It was a maze of rooms, where all same priced fabric is in its own room. For example, in one room all fabric is £1 a metre, another room £2.99 etc.  I found some simply gorgeous fabric but the highlight of the trip was finding Cath Kidston fabric.  They had two design. One with daisy type flowers and the other spotted.  It's now discontinued on her website.  But did I pay the £18 meter that she charges for her fabric??  No, no. You know me better than that.  I paid an astonishing £1.99 a meter!! Yes, you heard right!  I got 7 meters in total.  Plus lots of other fabric.  I spent a total of £40, but when you consider the CK fabric would normally have cost £126 on its own, I was mighty pleased!  Pictures to follow :)  I'll definitely be back there again.  Plus they have some lovely fabric for curtains so I'll be looking out to get some to make my living room curtains.


Jen M said...

Well done with the sale! And wow, that fabric shop sounds fabulous.

angel said...

I'm really glad you done well over the weekend,that fabric is a snip and well done on rooting it out.

Love and hugs Honey Mwah X x X x X