Saturday, 1 August 2009

Car Boot Bootie

Today was a very special day for a certain 8 yr old in our house, but I'll save all that news for when I have the pictures to accompany my post from my sister. So check back in a couple of days for that!

But I did want to let you know about my great bargain. At a recent car boot sale, I bought my youngest son, Zac, a cute cute suit. And boy does he looks cute in it when he wears a shirt and tie too. He wore it today for Nathaniel's special day (are you curious yet??). Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the price didn't I?? Well I paid £1 for it! Yes, that's right. One pound. What a bargain! I bet whoever sold it bought it for her son to wear probably once for a special occasion. It's like new. Zac will be wearing it for church every Sunday. What a smart boy he'll look.


renee' said...

Another great deal day! Seriously, such a rush. Can't wait to hear more about the baptism and see pictures.
PS. I asked Daniel about Ian and he thought that was great to make that connection.

renee' said...

Debbie- Seth's wife is expecting and due beginning of December with a baby girl. Carrie- Tate's wife is due the beginning of November with a ??. Kind of fun, we all turned 35 this summer. What are the odds?