Monday, 7 September 2009

Eddie Izzard - Sport Relief

I dropped my boys off at my mum's as they are having a sleepover there. I'm working tomorrow but the boys don't go back to school until Wednesday so my mum said she would watch them for me. As my dad is in Houston on business, my mum asked the boys over for a sleepover so that I don't have to get them to her first thing in the morning.

Well anyway, on the way back home I happened upon this:

Now you may have to click on the pic to enlarge (if that works!) or have a good squint. Do you see who that is?? YES its Eddie Izzard!! THE Eddie Izzard, comedian and actor. In case you weren't aware, he is running an unbelievable amount of miles for Sport Relief. How amazing is he?? Read more about it here

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