Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bargains again.

I had the chance to spend time with my sisters this weekend. In fact, my twin sister was down from Scotland for a week. We spent some time hanging at my parents, catching a movie, etc. Then on Sunday I saw my younger sister and her gorgeous son Eli. That boy is just delicious!

Monday was a Bank Holiday so David was home too, yay! We got up early and headed to a car boot sale. I don't get to many because they are mainly on Sundays and we don't do that kinda thing on a Sunday. Well this car boot sale is an awesome one. It's huge and I can easily spend many hours looking around. David and the boys usually go their own way and head back to the car to wait for me once they have found a toy or two. I take a little longer, perusing every stall, looking for that one bargain that everyone else would have missed, lol. Because I have be decluttering, I was much more selective in what I bought. Only I was a little TOO selective as I now regret not buying a couple of things I saw! One in particular! It was a lamp, very similar in style to ones I have seen in Laura Ashley. It had a glass stem that looked like stacked balls. Somewhat like this:

isn't it gorgeous?? I also passed by some lovely frames (didn't like the pics but they could easily have been changed). I also passed up a lovely clock for 50p but didn't want to take the risk in case it didn't work. But 50p! Not much of a risk! What was I thinking?? Lesson learned!!

Anyway, I did buy a pair of shoes for my nephew (clarks 50p). And a selection of children's books and a bedding set which I LOVE!

There is another car boot sale, closer to home, this Saturday. And it's at 10am, not some unearthly hour!! yay!

Today we went to Ikea to get the table for the kids room (which wasn't in stock on Saturday). Well it STILL isn't in stock, grrr! I did manage to snag a few bargains from the bargain corner though. I got a pair of white, fairly sheer curtains for 1.00 (they may go on the window at the top of the stairs) and a couple of aprons for 50p each. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of them. Well I didn't want to have a completely wasted journey did I?? :)


Mycket said...

I have wondered this for months: WHAT in the WORLD is a car boot sale?

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

LOVE that lamp! Would so love to go to one of those British car boot sales!

How did I not know you had a blog?! I'll now be checking in regularly. ;-)