Sunday, 27 September 2009


Last November/December time, me, my sister in law Cait and my mother in law Joyce had a craft sale at Joyce's house. We had met together for weeks before making lots of goodies to sell. It feels so good to be creative and then so satisfying when people actually want to buy what you've made! I'm sure I posted about it on here.

Well it's that time of year again that we are gathering together to create for our sale. We have been gathering ideas and excitedly telling each other what we've found!! Well tomorrow is our first official meeting. We will all take whatever materials and stash we have accumulated over the past year and decide on a final list of what to make. We will then get busy making, both individually and collectively. It's always hard to find a suitable amount of time to meet since Cait works at the beginning and end of the school day and I work during the lunchhour! But we do our best, lol.

It's so exciting to get together with others who share a mutual love of crafting. Most of my other friends just don't understand how giddy I get when I see beautiful handmade things that either others have made or I have made. I'm forever reading through blogs of creative people. In fact my bloglines list is crammed full of crafty blogs. I just feel so uplifted and inspired by them. And everytime I see a wonderful project, I put it on my mental list of 'things to make'. Of course I never remember them all! I should really make a written list! I used to do lots of papercrafts (cardmaking, scrapbooking) but lately I've been drawn to crocheting and sewing. Not that I'm great at it - but I'd like to be. And they do say that practice makes perfect!

I've also had the idea of starting a new blog for our craft items. A site where I can put items for sale perhaps. I was thinking that after our sale, whatever is left I will put on the blog for others to buy. I'll put details of that blog onto this once we have created it.

Now look at this amazing scarf!! Isn't it to die for?? FABULOUS!! This will be on my list for after Christmas, when I have time to make things for myself.

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Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

You crochet, too? Wow. You're multi-talented! I love looking at craft blogs. We should compare lists sometime.

BTW, something is on its way to you! ;-)