Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Weekend, Sleepy Zach, stuff to do :)

On Saturday Nathaniel and Zachary went with my parents to visit my grandma as per usual. They then took Nat to a school friend's birthday party at Lazerzone and then picked him up afterwards and brought the boys home. It always worked out that it was David's weekend off work so we had time together, alone, without the boys for the majority of the day! We went out in the morning and then had lunch together. We went to a carvery at a pub not too far away. It as the BEST carvery we've had and it was such a bargainous price! For the two of us to eat, plus a large drink each cost a total of £8.60. I think we'll be frequenting that place quite a bit in the future!!

We then went to the outlets to have a wander around the shops at our leisure, having no boys to drag around! And would you believe it, David started to feel ill after a little while and so went to sit in the car while I finished looking round (I sound really heartless don't I??). He was fine with me continuing my shopping, honest!

Sunday was Mother's Day, but when you have church and you are on the primary presidency it's hardly a break is it?? The boys had bought me some chocolates and Nathaniel had made a beautiful card at school and Zachary had brought me some flowers from school. They did make an extra effort to behave (as I kept reminding them that that was what they were supposed to do on Mother's Day!).

After church we popped over to my MIL's for an hour or so. David still wasn't feeling great so I left him at home having his 'pity party for one' as I'd been teasing him earlier! From my MIL's, me and the boys headed over to my parents. My sister, Helen, and her husband, Adam, were up visiting from Derby. We'd decided to cook a yummy Roast Turkey dinner over there and let my mum relax. We had a prawn salad for starters, then Roast Turkey dinner with all the trimmings! and then Chocolate Fudge cake for dessert! Add to this some great company and we had a lovely day. Not very relaxing for me but enjoyable none the less!

Yesterday (Monday) Zachary wasn't his normal chipper self! I picked him up from school at 12 and brought him home for lunch. He said he was tired and just laid down on the floor. He wouldn't eat his lunch. He wouldn't even each a piece of chocolate which is just NOT like Zach!! He laid down and fell asleep. She stayed there for a while. Even when he woke up he just laid or sat down. Then later on at about 6.30 he just laid down again and went to sleep so I just took him upstairs and popped him in bed. He had felt a little warm so I'd given him some Calpol in the afternoon. Surprisingly he stayed asleep until this morning when he woke up as good as new! And he's been to school and is now back home as good as ever. So whatever was ailing him has obviously cleared up. Apparently quite a few of his class have been off today with temperatures. So it looks like something that is going around.

I have a half hour until I have to go collect Nathaniel from school. I've just made a couple of shepherds pies (or are they cottage pies since they are made from minced beef??) as the boys have a couple of friends from church coming over to play and have dinner. This way I can just throw the food in the oven while they are here and spend time keeping an eye on the boys!

I need to work on some primary stuff this evening as we are having our primary leadership meeting on Thursday night and I had a quick 10 min presentation to organise. No rest for the wicked :)

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