Thursday, 27 March 2008

Day Tripping

On Monday we decided to have a drive out, to see what we could see! We set off with no particular destination in mind, just a full tank of petrol and a road atlas! I decided not to go on any of the motorways but take the scenic routes. I decided we should head east as that's not a direction we go too often. We drove through some beautiful 'quaint' villages on our route which you would class as typically 'English' and saw lots of old churches etc. Then we drove through Beverley in East Yorkshire and drove straight past the Minster. It's weird being right in the center, with roads and other building jutting right up beside it:

We ended up at Hornsea, home of the famous pottery. This is the Hornsea Pottery design that my parents had when I was a little girl. Gotta love that 70's look :)

We decided to hop on the M62 motorway to get home the quick way. We drove down to Hull and let the children see the Humber Bridge

We are going to go back another time and actually drive over the bridge as the kids would like that. It's amazing what entertains them :)

We actually had the craziest weather while we were out and about. We'd be driving with blues skies and sunshine above us, then seconds later we were driving through snow showers with limited visibility, then we'd have hail, then sun again!! It was weird!!

The last couple of days we've just stayed home and only popped out to run errands. Nothing exciting! David's been at home so we've just enjoyed all being together. Having giggles and fun.

Thanks to those who have expressed their sympathy regarding my friend Andrea. I took a meal to her family this afternoon but she'd popped out with her brother to file some paperwork. It looks like the funeral will be next Thursday if all goes well. The cause of death is now believed to be related to the surgery Jarrod just had, so now an inquest has to take place. This obviously doesn't make things easier for Andrea or Bernard (Jarrod's dad). I appreciate the prayers that have been offered on their behalf. Andrea has felt the affect of all of them and they are helping to carry her.

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Renee' Braddy said...

So sorry to read about Jarod and what Andrea is having to deal with. I'm sure she will receive extra comfort from the Lord at this time, sometimes that comfort comes through family and friends. Sounds like she's blessed to have that.