Wednesday, 12 March 2008

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways.........

So for starters, let's take a look at Nathaniel:

1. You are full of energy!
2. You love being at home with mummy, daddy and Zachy
3. You look out for Zach at school.
4. You're awesome at Maths. And you know it! :)
5. You are in no way modest about your abilities.
6. You have no problem with self-esteem!!
7. You love your grandparents and aunts and uncles.
8. You aren't too big for hugs and kisses (yet!)
9. You have a thirst for facts and knowledge.
10. You soak info up like a sponge.
11. You are daddy's buddy!
12. You are friendly and trusting (which I sometimes worry about)
13. You love being outdoors.
14. You will eat fruit and veggies which makes my job easier
15. You love to help out with chores.

Now onto Zachary:

1. You are my baby, still.
2. You love mummy, daddy and Nat and miss him when he is at school.
3. You too are a daddy's boy
4. You can be just a goof-ball and have us in stitches!
5. You have made a great choice in friends and I love how you and Sammy love to play together. It makes my heart happy.
6. You too love your grandparents and aunts and uncles.
7. You love your little teddy's and doggies. I'm surprised there is room for you in your bed with all your cuddlies in there!
8. You have a healthy appetite, usually for not-so-healthy food!
9. You love to read and will sit for ages looking through books.
10. You too love a hug and kiss!
11. You have such a cheeky face
12. You have a sensitive side that you rarely let out.
13. You love to sing.
14. You too are a smarty-pants at maths.
15. You are a little monkey!

And now onto David:

1. You work hard for our family.
2. You play with the boys.
3. You put up with my 'show n tells' when I've been shopping!
4. When you get home from work in the early hours, you sleep downstairs so you won't wake me up.
5. You are the fount of knowledge - you would be my 'phone a friend'.
6. 'While you are on your pegs' you will get me things I want!
7. You let me put the heating on when I'm cold, even though you aren't!
8. You compliment me on my cooking.
9. You are a great 'nurse' when I'm sick!
10. You will watch sports with me.
11. You have a cute smile, complete with dimples!
12. You buys me treats.
13. You don't mind me going on girls' nights out.
14. You put up with my 'hobbies' and my shopping for 'stash'.
15. You endure my bargain hunting.

These are no comprehensive lists, neither are they listed in order of importantce :) Just random rambling thoughts :)

These are VERY old pictures of us all, but I like them! So I put them here!!


Susan said... guys are so cute. Is it just me or does your youngest look exactly like your husband??

Mycket said...

Susan is right! Kinda creepy, but I guess that is bound to happen. ;) Thanks for the photos! So fun to see!