Thursday, 20 March 2008

The kids have been off school for Easter this week and are also off school next week. It's so great to not have the constraints of time that we usually have! Actually it will be a little easier after Easter as Zachary will also be at school full-time. I'm gonna miss my little monkey keeping me company on an afternoon!!

On Monday we went to the outlets at Freeport (Junction 32) with my mum. We had lunch together and my mom spoilt the boys by buying them some new trainers for school. They have been taking good care of them since :) We then went back to my parents and had dinner with them when my dad got home from work. David was working late so we stayed there until about 8pm. The boys have lots of fun there, and I helped my dad put his first item to sell on ebay! I joked that the next time I went over there the whole house would be empty due to him getting over excited at listing things on ebay!!

On Tuesday me and the boys had a day at home. Just playing and being. This is a rare treat :)

Yesterday the boys went with some friends to Ponderosa for the day. I was very pleased that they behaved well for Shan! They saw all types of animals and enjoyed being outdoors. Luckily it was a dry bright day. Cold, yes. But dry and fresh. Great weather for boys to be outdoors running around and having fun! I saw Shan again in the evening as we had a Stake Primary leadership meeting to attend at our church. I'm the second counsellor and Shan is the secretary. Louise (our president) also came with us. It was an interesting meeting and we received some good instruction. On the way home we had some great discussions. It's so good to chat with friends who have same goals in life and have same concerns for their children. Sometimes we feel we are the only ones who feel a certain way, so it's great to talk to others and have our views validated. They are awesome women who I feel good being around and I felt uplifted and very content when I arrived home (at 10.30pm!).

Today we went out to do a little shopping and just to get outside and get some fresh air! It was a little rainy but it didn't put us off!! I managed to buy a stair basket for a cool £2 at the Wakefield Hospice charity shop (they retail between £18 and £30 new and I'd been wanting one for a while!). Very pleased :) I also bought a 100% cotton throw that has a green and pink floral pattern on a white background. It has a fun plaid design around the edges. Not sure how I'm going to use it yet. Might end up cutting it up and using the fabric for something....... will have to think about it! Took pictures but haven't put them on the 'puter yet. Need to find the cable to link my phone to the pc. I know I put it somewhere safe....... mmmm will have to think just where!!

We had such a runaround trying to find somewhere to eat at lunchtime! We went to the carvery at the Cock & Crown pub, but it was packed out and we couldn't get a table. So then we went to the Wetherby Whaler restaurant to get fish and chips, but they too were queuing out the door. So we then went to a nearby Toby Carvery that had plenty of tables left. We had such a yummy roast dinner. The boys did so well - they ate all their turkey, roast potatoes, broccoli, carrots, yorkshire puddings, etc. It's great that they love 'real' food :) But now it's 6.15 and they are needing their dinner. Just gonna be sandwiches!! So off I go to feed them..................

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