Monday, 31 March 2008

My Baby's All Grown Up!!

My baby, Zach, started school full-time today! When did he get this big?? {{sigh}}

Friday, 28 March 2008

Quote for the Week

I've decided to start sharing one quote a week which has meaning to me, or just that I like! This way you are guaranteed at least one blog entry a week, lol. So today's quote:

"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal" by Albert Pines, English Author d. 1851.

With recent events regarding the tragic deaths of 3 young men I know, I have found this quote to be very meaningful.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Day Tripping

On Monday we decided to have a drive out, to see what we could see! We set off with no particular destination in mind, just a full tank of petrol and a road atlas! I decided not to go on any of the motorways but take the scenic routes. I decided we should head east as that's not a direction we go too often. We drove through some beautiful 'quaint' villages on our route which you would class as typically 'English' and saw lots of old churches etc. Then we drove through Beverley in East Yorkshire and drove straight past the Minster. It's weird being right in the center, with roads and other building jutting right up beside it:

We ended up at Hornsea, home of the famous pottery. This is the Hornsea Pottery design that my parents had when I was a little girl. Gotta love that 70's look :)

We decided to hop on the M62 motorway to get home the quick way. We drove down to Hull and let the children see the Humber Bridge

We are going to go back another time and actually drive over the bridge as the kids would like that. It's amazing what entertains them :)

We actually had the craziest weather while we were out and about. We'd be driving with blues skies and sunshine above us, then seconds later we were driving through snow showers with limited visibility, then we'd have hail, then sun again!! It was weird!!

The last couple of days we've just stayed home and only popped out to run errands. Nothing exciting! David's been at home so we've just enjoyed all being together. Having giggles and fun.

Thanks to those who have expressed their sympathy regarding my friend Andrea. I took a meal to her family this afternoon but she'd popped out with her brother to file some paperwork. It looks like the funeral will be next Thursday if all goes well. The cause of death is now believed to be related to the surgery Jarrod just had, so now an inquest has to take place. This obviously doesn't make things easier for Andrea or Bernard (Jarrod's dad). I appreciate the prayers that have been offered on their behalf. Andrea has felt the affect of all of them and they are helping to carry her.

Saturday, 22 March 2008


Last night I got some devastating news that the husband of one of my friends had passed away. Just heartbreaking. He was only in his late 30's and my friend is in her early 30's. They have twin boys who are nearly 6 and a baby girl who is 2. This news has rocked our Ward at church and we are united in grief but also in support of our dear friend. It still doesn't feel real!! She had to tell her children this morning as it happened last night while they were sleeping. That's a conversation no mother wants to ever have with her children. I don't know how we are going to get through church tomorrow. My heart is just breaking for her and her family and I feel so helpless as there is nothing I can do to ease the pain. This is just. too. sad....

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Just got to share.....

Yeah, yeah I know! 3 posts in 1 day..... overload...... but bear with me! It's gonna be worth it. honest.

This post by Kelly McCaleb has to be just one of THE BEST EVER!! Doesn't it give you warm fuzzies inside and make you happy!! It does me!!
The kids have been off school for Easter this week and are also off school next week. It's so great to not have the constraints of time that we usually have! Actually it will be a little easier after Easter as Zachary will also be at school full-time. I'm gonna miss my little monkey keeping me company on an afternoon!!

On Monday we went to the outlets at Freeport (Junction 32) with my mum. We had lunch together and my mom spoilt the boys by buying them some new trainers for school. They have been taking good care of them since :) We then went back to my parents and had dinner with them when my dad got home from work. David was working late so we stayed there until about 8pm. The boys have lots of fun there, and I helped my dad put his first item to sell on ebay! I joked that the next time I went over there the whole house would be empty due to him getting over excited at listing things on ebay!!

On Tuesday me and the boys had a day at home. Just playing and being. This is a rare treat :)

Yesterday the boys went with some friends to Ponderosa for the day. I was very pleased that they behaved well for Shan! They saw all types of animals and enjoyed being outdoors. Luckily it was a dry bright day. Cold, yes. But dry and fresh. Great weather for boys to be outdoors running around and having fun! I saw Shan again in the evening as we had a Stake Primary leadership meeting to attend at our church. I'm the second counsellor and Shan is the secretary. Louise (our president) also came with us. It was an interesting meeting and we received some good instruction. On the way home we had some great discussions. It's so good to chat with friends who have same goals in life and have same concerns for their children. Sometimes we feel we are the only ones who feel a certain way, so it's great to talk to others and have our views validated. They are awesome women who I feel good being around and I felt uplifted and very content when I arrived home (at 10.30pm!).

Today we went out to do a little shopping and just to get outside and get some fresh air! It was a little rainy but it didn't put us off!! I managed to buy a stair basket for a cool £2 at the Wakefield Hospice charity shop (they retail between £18 and £30 new and I'd been wanting one for a while!). Very pleased :) I also bought a 100% cotton throw that has a green and pink floral pattern on a white background. It has a fun plaid design around the edges. Not sure how I'm going to use it yet. Might end up cutting it up and using the fabric for something....... will have to think about it! Took pictures but haven't put them on the 'puter yet. Need to find the cable to link my phone to the pc. I know I put it somewhere safe....... mmmm will have to think just where!!

We had such a runaround trying to find somewhere to eat at lunchtime! We went to the carvery at the Cock & Crown pub, but it was packed out and we couldn't get a table. So then we went to the Wetherby Whaler restaurant to get fish and chips, but they too were queuing out the door. So we then went to a nearby Toby Carvery that had plenty of tables left. We had such a yummy roast dinner. The boys did so well - they ate all their turkey, roast potatoes, broccoli, carrots, yorkshire puddings, etc. It's great that they love 'real' food :) But now it's 6.15 and they are needing their dinner. Just gonna be sandwiches!! So off I go to feed them..................


This past few days I have been pondering over this blog's 'identity'. I've been wandering about why I blog and what I feel it's all about. As I've read other people's blogs I've noticed that most of them have a definite 'identity' - blogs that are 'crafty' blogs, 'scrapbooking' blogs, 'thrifting' blogs, 'lds' blogs, 'family' blogs, etc. Should mine be general ramblings (as they usually are) or should it be more specific. And why do I blog?? Well I guess I mainly blog because I find it difficult to write a paper journal and so this kind of fulfils the criteria of writing a journal, somewhat! I also blog to keep contact with distant friends - to allow them to see how I'm getting on, what I'm doing, etc, since I'm useless at sending emails. There are so many sides to my life - yes, I'm LDS, I love crafts and being creative, I love a bargain, love being a SAHM, etc. I guess I don't want to be defined by just one element of my 'identity'. So I guess what I'm saying is that this blog will continue to be what is has been so far - a hodge podge of 'stuff'! If anyone reading has any thoughts on this, please comment :)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways.........

So for starters, let's take a look at Nathaniel:

1. You are full of energy!
2. You love being at home with mummy, daddy and Zachy
3. You look out for Zach at school.
4. You're awesome at Maths. And you know it! :)
5. You are in no way modest about your abilities.
6. You have no problem with self-esteem!!
7. You love your grandparents and aunts and uncles.
8. You aren't too big for hugs and kisses (yet!)
9. You have a thirst for facts and knowledge.
10. You soak info up like a sponge.
11. You are daddy's buddy!
12. You are friendly and trusting (which I sometimes worry about)
13. You love being outdoors.
14. You will eat fruit and veggies which makes my job easier
15. You love to help out with chores.

Now onto Zachary:

1. You are my baby, still.
2. You love mummy, daddy and Nat and miss him when he is at school.
3. You too are a daddy's boy
4. You can be just a goof-ball and have us in stitches!
5. You have made a great choice in friends and I love how you and Sammy love to play together. It makes my heart happy.
6. You too love your grandparents and aunts and uncles.
7. You love your little teddy's and doggies. I'm surprised there is room for you in your bed with all your cuddlies in there!
8. You have a healthy appetite, usually for not-so-healthy food!
9. You love to read and will sit for ages looking through books.
10. You too love a hug and kiss!
11. You have such a cheeky face
12. You have a sensitive side that you rarely let out.
13. You love to sing.
14. You too are a smarty-pants at maths.
15. You are a little monkey!

And now onto David:

1. You work hard for our family.
2. You play with the boys.
3. You put up with my 'show n tells' when I've been shopping!
4. When you get home from work in the early hours, you sleep downstairs so you won't wake me up.
5. You are the fount of knowledge - you would be my 'phone a friend'.
6. 'While you are on your pegs' you will get me things I want!
7. You let me put the heating on when I'm cold, even though you aren't!
8. You compliment me on my cooking.
9. You are a great 'nurse' when I'm sick!
10. You will watch sports with me.
11. You have a cute smile, complete with dimples!
12. You buys me treats.
13. You don't mind me going on girls' nights out.
14. You put up with my 'hobbies' and my shopping for 'stash'.
15. You endure my bargain hunting.

These are no comprehensive lists, neither are they listed in order of importantce :) Just random rambling thoughts :)

These are VERY old pictures of us all, but I like them! So I put them here!!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Just me!

I saw this on someone else's blog and thought it would be fun to do and ask you to do it too and link it in the comments section. You need to answer the questions, then type into google image search and post results from the first page.

the age you'll be on your next birthday:A place you'd like to visit:

to visit old friends again
one of your favourite places:

your favourite object:

your favourite food:

Your favourite colour:
and also
I'll do more later!

I'm signing off now so I can go watch the Six Nations Rugby. Ireland is playing Wales right now, then England is playing Scotland. Then it's the FA Cup (football, or 'soccer' depending on who is reading this, lol !!) semifinal between Barnsley and Chelsea. And there's also the Athletics World Indoors Championships! Yep, I love sports. Most sports. So ttfn! :)

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Weekend, Sleepy Zach, stuff to do :)

On Saturday Nathaniel and Zachary went with my parents to visit my grandma as per usual. They then took Nat to a school friend's birthday party at Lazerzone and then picked him up afterwards and brought the boys home. It always worked out that it was David's weekend off work so we had time together, alone, without the boys for the majority of the day! We went out in the morning and then had lunch together. We went to a carvery at a pub not too far away. It as the BEST carvery we've had and it was such a bargainous price! For the two of us to eat, plus a large drink each cost a total of £8.60. I think we'll be frequenting that place quite a bit in the future!!

We then went to the outlets to have a wander around the shops at our leisure, having no boys to drag around! And would you believe it, David started to feel ill after a little while and so went to sit in the car while I finished looking round (I sound really heartless don't I??). He was fine with me continuing my shopping, honest!

Sunday was Mother's Day, but when you have church and you are on the primary presidency it's hardly a break is it?? The boys had bought me some chocolates and Nathaniel had made a beautiful card at school and Zachary had brought me some flowers from school. They did make an extra effort to behave (as I kept reminding them that that was what they were supposed to do on Mother's Day!).

After church we popped over to my MIL's for an hour or so. David still wasn't feeling great so I left him at home having his 'pity party for one' as I'd been teasing him earlier! From my MIL's, me and the boys headed over to my parents. My sister, Helen, and her husband, Adam, were up visiting from Derby. We'd decided to cook a yummy Roast Turkey dinner over there and let my mum relax. We had a prawn salad for starters, then Roast Turkey dinner with all the trimmings! and then Chocolate Fudge cake for dessert! Add to this some great company and we had a lovely day. Not very relaxing for me but enjoyable none the less!

Yesterday (Monday) Zachary wasn't his normal chipper self! I picked him up from school at 12 and brought him home for lunch. He said he was tired and just laid down on the floor. He wouldn't eat his lunch. He wouldn't even each a piece of chocolate which is just NOT like Zach!! He laid down and fell asleep. She stayed there for a while. Even when he woke up he just laid or sat down. Then later on at about 6.30 he just laid down again and went to sleep so I just took him upstairs and popped him in bed. He had felt a little warm so I'd given him some Calpol in the afternoon. Surprisingly he stayed asleep until this morning when he woke up as good as new! And he's been to school and is now back home as good as ever. So whatever was ailing him has obviously cleared up. Apparently quite a few of his class have been off today with temperatures. So it looks like something that is going around.

I have a half hour until I have to go collect Nathaniel from school. I've just made a couple of shepherds pies (or are they cottage pies since they are made from minced beef??) as the boys have a couple of friends from church coming over to play and have dinner. This way I can just throw the food in the oven while they are here and spend time keeping an eye on the boys!

I need to work on some primary stuff this evening as we are having our primary leadership meeting on Thursday night and I had a quick 10 min presentation to organise. No rest for the wicked :)