Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Almost There!

I managed to get lots done today and am feeling like I'm finally making progress towards being ready for Christmas :)

I took the boys to school today and Nathaniel's teacher said that they didn't need my help this morning as they were off their regular schedule. I was quite relieved at this however as it meant I could get home and continue putting my gifts together. I finished off the journal jars and even if I say so myself they are looking good! I put them together with the journals and notebooks and am happy with the result! I then took the mirrors I had bought from Ikea and put the transfers, transparency on them and again was pleased with the result. I like the dark wood mirrors much better than the light wood ones. Hopefully I'll get photos on here before they are all wrapped and delivered!

I then went to pick up Zachary from Nursery. I dropped him back off with David and went to the grocery store to pick up the brown sugar and baking powder for the cookies I'm making. I also picked up lunch. I went home and we ate and I then worked on another batch of gifts. I put a cute Christmas tea towel together with a dish cloth and wrapped them and included a fun poem. I made one to take to my friend for her secret santa gift and then made 6 more for the couples gifts I'm making. I also dropped off some craft goodies for my friend from a joint order we'd placed on ellison design.

I picked Nathaniel up from school at 3.20 and went home to tidy away the crafty gifts I've been making as my sister Helen was coming for a visit and for dinner and some of the gifts were for her and her husband. It was fun to have Helen visit. She now only lived about 1.5 hours away so we get to see more of her, which is great for me and the boys love it too!! She stayed until about 9pm. She is having Christmas at her in-laws and I'm having Christmas at my in-laws so we are planning to meet up at my parents for new year.

Once she left I got on with making my cookies. Some were for my secret santa (wrapped in cellophane with the quote 'in the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips'. The remainder of the cookies are for Zachary to take to nursery tomorrow for his Christmas party. Of course I could have taken shop bought ones, but why make life easy for myself???!!!

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. I have to be up at 6.45 to take David to work. Watch tomorrow be the one day that the boys decide to sleep in!! Then I need to get the kids to school, go to a primary presidency meeting at 9.45am, pick up Zach at 11.20, go grocery shopping with my friend at 11.30am, pick Nat up from school at 3.20, having home teachers come by at 6.30. In between all of this I have to prepare gifts for 2 teachers and about 7 assistants, prepare a gift for my grandad, get my sister and her husband's gifts ready and work on a billion other projects. So no pressure there then!!

So I'm off to watch Criminal Minds then bed at midnight......

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KarliSue said...

You are amazing!! I cannot believe how much you are doing! I admire you for making homemade cookies. They are so much better then store bought ones any day and I am sure the people you brought them to for the secret santa would agree with me.