Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A busy few days..........

Well I've had a busy few days and haven't gotten chance to update my blog so here goes :)............

On Saturday my parents took Nathaniel and Zachary to see my grandma as per usual. I spent a few hours taking pictures of items I was listing on ebay and then listed them on ebay. I made a couple of pumpkin pies to take to my parents on Sunday and did other odd chores such as preparing for primary (our church's children's sunday school organisation) on Sunday.

On Sunday I took the boys to church and we actually got there on time! We start at 9.30am and it seems like no matter what time we get up we are always about 5 mins late. Well I needed to be on time as I was conducting Opening Exercises in primary so had to be there early! My sister, Claire, was down visiting from Scotland so when she arrived at church with my parents to attend their Ward (church congregation) I quickly stole her away to come into primary with us! She then came into our Sacrament meeting. After church we went home, got changed and then went over to my parents house. My Grandma Phyllis was there and so was my Grandad Charlie. They came over to have dinner and visit with Claire. We had a lovely meal, followed by a delicious pumpkin pie (even if I say so myself!). We left in time for the kids to get home and ready for bed to get a good night's sleep for school the next day.

Monday morning always comes around too quickly!! I'm NOT a morning person :) I picked up Zach from nursery at 11.20 and then headed to Tesco to get a few groceries. I then decided to head over to Ikea since I was half way there. Zach went into the playarea for an hour while I wandered around the store. I bumped into Jannine while I was there, which was funny as I'd just been thinking about her! I managed to get a few bits for Christmas gifts and a few Christmas decorations. I can always find something to buy at Ikea!!

Today (Tuesday) has been busy too - I took the boys to school and stayed to help in Carol Adamson's class. I was given the challenge of making the 'gifts' from the Kings for the school nativity! I got one done there and am going to do the others later. At recess I was on the way to the staff room and looked into the hall. The nursery children were practicing their Christmas play that they are doing on Friday. Zachary was soooo cute, all dressed up as a king. He saw me looking in and gave me a quick wave. He had his huge smiley face on :) He is my little bundle of fun. Usually so happy and giggly. He's not got to that grumpy stage yet. I wish I could keep him 4 forever!! He's just perfect like this (well he's not actually perfect but this stage of life is!). He's not been tainted by the world!! If that makes sense!! After nursery we went home for lunch and then went to Louise's (primary pres) for a primary presidency meeting. He played so well at Louise's house. I was very proud of him!

Nathaniel went to a pantomime this afternoon on a school trip. We were told they would be late home, possibly 4.30pm. It was actually 5pm when they arrived back so once we'd walked home it was about 5.20pm. David got home from work at 6.30pm so we had dinner with him. Usually the children are so hungry after school that they eat before David gets home.

The rest of the week looks really busy too. I don't mind being busy, but it does mean the housework suffers! Will have to plan housework into my schedule sometime!

Claire has got back to Scotland today. I wish we could have spent more time with her while she was here but it wasn't possible. Claire and the parentage went down to Helen's yesterday but obviously the kids had school so we couldn't go. We won't see her now until sometime next year as she is staying up there for Christmas. My parents and grandad are going up to her's for Christmas which will be a lovely change for them all. Probably the first time that my mom hasn't hosted Christmas and so will be able to relax for a change! Claire enjoys cooking Christmas dinner so it works out all round! We'll probably do New Year's with my parents when they get back. I think Helen and Adam will be up for New Years too, yeah!! It's really difficult to get us all together at the same time, so we just have to enjoy each other's company when we do see them. I'm hoping that come the New Year we will see more of Helen and Adam since they are now only about 1.5 hours away. I'm really glad my boys are growing up being close to lots of family that they love and who love them. I'm sure it makes them feel safe and secure. And who could want more than that for their children!?!?!?


KarliSue said...

I agree it is so important for children to be surrounded by family and by people who love and support them in all that they do! Your children are so lucky to have such a fabulous family!!!

I don't know how you are keeping up with everything! You are amazing. I feel like I have known you for such a long time it is so weird! I am so glad that we have become friends.

KarliSue said...

Hey just so you know I never got your e-mail. Did you send it to my hotmail account?